End Of December

End Of December


End of December chose its name for a starting over point. Everyone in the band made bad choices throughout there lives and wanted a name to symbolize chance to start over.


Genre: Rock/Alternative
Origin: Ladysmith/Rhinelander
Website: www.myspace.com/endofdecembermusic

End of December kicked off the music journey in 2008, originating in Ladysmith, WI. They have recently completed their Self-Titled, four song EP at Skies Falls Studios, produced by Benjamin Kasica, of the rock band Skillet.
Right now, EOD is working hard, touring all over the northern United States, with hopes to extend their reach as far as they can. Within the upcoming year, They will be working hand and hand with the Institute of Recording and Production, Minneapolis, MN, to complete their full length album. End of December feels that they diverse in their style of music, ranging from guitar driven Metal to melodic, power ballads to driving Rock beats that will make you tap your feet and clap your hands. With Classic rock riffs, outrageous drums, vicious hooks, and catchy choruses, End of December will grab your attention and make you want to sing along.
They believe the purpose for the band is to produce uplifting and encouraging lyrics, that will bring hope to anyone listening to their songs.


Self titled four song demo CD was produced at
Skies Falls Studio during January 2009.

Set List

Save Me Now
Perfect Lies
Escape Oblivion
Shut Us Out
Change Me
Back to Life
New Surrender
Darkness Falls