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Endo Four


ENDO FOUR are 3 young men who share the same passion in creating and performing music. Influenced by the space around and what happens within, ENDO FOUR make a definate connection between music and message. ENDO FOUR's take on pop punk/indie rock grabs listeners and pulls them far from the beginning

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The Invention of the A-Bomb

Written By: ENDO FOUR

It seems so long ago since we've learned to through ourselves past fear. As time slips by we count the years. What we know and what we've learned and done has only just begun. Our eyes held shut we see the future, brighter than a blaze. We won't back down to failure or success. This is our lives. It's our obsession. It's everything we know. We know where this will go. Passion personified in flame, the charge is set so detonate. It'll take you down to a place inside your soul you like to call your home when you're alone. The horizon's wide, the board is set. This is just a test. A test of our friendship. We are beaten down but it will take more than this to tear us apart. Head first, kiss the dirt. It's time to run. It's time to cover. Don't look until the explosion is over.


Written By: ENDO FOUR

I carve myself a westward path. When I look to the east I have to laugh. I see some faces I think I know; and memories that I can not let go. I watch the sun set once again and I feel the emptiness set in. I walk toward the end of time, along the path that's known as life. Do you feel the way you did before? I'm afraid of change. I'm afraid to change my ways. I trace my path with the burning stars. I try not to follow the ones who have come before. My reflection lies to me; it doesn't show me the person I should be. All I see is a stranger with dead eyes. I wake up when it's still cold, and take those first steps all alone. I have the strength to do what's right. Nothing stays the same but I get by.

Pioneers of the Wasteland

Written By: ENDO FOUR

Knee deep in the bile that fills our streets, we're passing our, passing up opportunities. I take a hit. I take a shot. It's what I need. We all need a release from this reality. If you feel scared and lost, then take my hand and we'll pioneer the wasteland. Through doubt and self defeat, the writing seems to read: EMBRACE THE FEAR AND FALL. We fall. So now I'm letting go, and embracing the poison in my soul. It's like a dream. It's so obscure. It is the sickness, it's the cure to everything in my life that I can't make right.


ENDO FOUR self titled EP - Independently released on October 14, 2006.

Two tracks from the EP, "Phase You," and "On the Run Part 4", can be heard at: www.myspace.com/endofour

"Phase You" and "The Invention of the A-Bomb," both from the newley released, self-titled EP are currently in light rotation on C101.5 fm and CFMU 93.3 fm (Hamilton, ON)

Set List

ENDO FOUR are currently playing 6 original songs live, giving a set time of approximately 40 minutes.

set list includes:

"On the Run Part 3"
"Pioneers of the Wasteland"
"Phase You"
"The Invention of the A-Bomb"
"On the Run Part 4"