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End of the World 1969 is the creation of Sam Scott, a Toronto-based independent recording artist. Sam sings on the album, plays guitar, accordion, and percussion, and fills in drums, bass, and synths on a computer. He recorded the album himself ! Demo Songs for a Band that doesn’t Exist is the result of three years of writing, performing, experimenting, and recording in Toronto, Ontario and St. Louis, Missouri. Songs are soft, lyrics are as true as they're poetic, great album.*cjly.ca/httpdocs/index.php?dataa=end%20of%20the%20world%201969&filter_field=artist&sort=artist
- by Julia

Until we get a real review, this will have to do.

"holy terrific ..."
- A friend from university

"You really rock, I am impressed!"
- A friend from high school

"Nice work, Sam! I will buy it for sure :)"
- Someone Sam used to make music with.

"Love the new Nobody. Great guitar work, tight song-writing, intriguing lyrics, catchy chorus."
- Sam's brother

"hey sam can i have an End of the World 1969 T-shirt, i like your music and i think your band has a great title!"
- Sam's cousin's son

Sam's mother also really likes the songs, though she has yet to put it in writing. - Facebook & Myspace

Demo Songs for a Band That Doesn't Exist is the debut release from End Of The World 1969. The band is the project of Toronto singer/songwriter Sam Scott. The touring band includes Caitlin Dacey, Steve Suttie, and Luis Figueroa of one of this blog's favorite new local bands Bella Clava.

Scott wrote, performed, and recorded the album, with some assistance from Juno Award winning engineer Steve Bellamy.

Despite the similarity in name, there's no danger of mistaking End Of The World 1969 with Death From Above 1979. Demo Songs are a collection of minimalist guitar songs with the occasional keyboard flair, or in some cases, accordion.

The slightly processed vocals and fuzzed up guitar parts, combined with a generally down tempo tracks. The pretty melodies juxtapose with doom-and-gloom lyrics. The end result is a sound and atmosphere similar to what you get from a Sparklehorse record.

There are a handful of bright, sunny power pop tracks. "Nobody" and "Radio Caroline" are well done and polished, proving Scott has some versatility.

At the end of the day, despite the bummer themes, Demo Songs for a Band That Doesn't Exist will put a smile on your face.

Best tracks: "Radio Caroline", "Accidents"

www.snobsmusic.com - by Peter Kearns

A million frequencies collide and Demo Songs for a Band that Doesn't Exist is born. Alright, End of the World 1969's debut album is much more than that. The result of three years of work, this album delivers the promised "tuneful suicide notes" which are accented with the occasional bursts of keyboard and accordion. "Songs" is a very diverse album but an overarching theme is doom-and-gloom and end-of-the-world lyrics masterfully complemented with upbeat pop melodies. Similar to Stars, End of the World 1969 features several soft melodic pop tracks, and there are also several harder rock n' roll tracks with obvious punk influences... Overall this is a very good record and I would highly recommend listening to it.

http://singinglamb.com - by Athena Ngai


Demo Songs for a Band that doesn't Exist, 2008.

- Mastered by Juno Award winning recording engineer, Steve Bellamy (SteveBellamyAudio.com).

- #10 on CIUT (Toronto), week ending December 23, 2008.
- #12 on Sound FM (CKMS, Waterloo), week ending November 20, 2008.
- #13 on CJSR (Edmonton), week ending January 20, 2009.
- #17 on CFBX (Kamloops), week ending March 6, 2009.
- 5 consecutive weeks on the CIBL (Montreal) alternative chart (ending March 8, 2009). Peak rank: #24.
- Regular airplay on CJMQ (Sherbrooke), January 22, 2009 to present (78 plays so far).
- Airplay on CHOQ in Montreal, CHRW in London (January, 2009), and Radio Dijon Campus 92.2 in France (March 2007).

Last Updated April 6, 2009.



Sam used to play guitar and sing high harmonies for a punk gospel band in St. Louis. Justin is the front man for The Good Soldiers in Toronto. Caitlin, Steve, and Luis are also known as Bella Clava.

Sam was once in a bowling league. Justin vacations in The Netherlands. Caitlin, Steve, and Luis pine for Thunder Bay.

Sam is an atheist and a Marxist. Justin keeps his religious and political cards close to his chest. Steve and Luis think Caitlin is the messiah.