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Formed in early 2005, End Rezult burst onto the Atlanta music scene combining 4 local veterans in an explosion of sound and energy! With roots firmly planted in hard rock, hip-hop, and funk, we take aim at your preconceptions and unleash a barrage on your senses with a no-holds barred live show.


End Rezult was first formed in 2005 by guitarist David Wood. Wood was a veteran of the music scene who had enjoyed regional success with former bands: 'Wicked Chemistry' and 'Lethal Injection'. He was running sound at a local venue frequently played by the other members of End Rezult with their former bands. Mike Nelson played guitar and sang lead in local powerhouse 'Estranged'. Lifelong best friend Jason Grizzard played drums. Geoff Adams fronted metal giant 'Hognutt' and played guitar/ sang lead in 'Split Decision' and 'Hidden Agenda'. After 'Hognutt' and 'Estranged' almost simultaneously broke up, Wood approached Nelson, Adams, and the original drummer about starting a project with him. Having been friends for almost a decade Adams and Nelson agreed and End Rezult was born!

After several tweaks in the line-up including: the addition and removal of a DJ and female backing vocals, and trying out a couple of different drummers the band was complete. With drummer Nate Stephens (2005-2008), the band embarked on a three year journey that would change our lives! We left Nate's bass pedal and almost Nate at a McDonalds in the middle of nowhere, we slept in countless hotel rooms, we watched as Dave fell off a stage, we played bars, venues, gravel parking lots, keg parties and even a church! . We got to open for national bands like 'Fishbone' and 'The Lordz of Brooklyn' and great local bands like 'Crazy Anglos', 'Groovestain', 'Ultradrive', 'Greedy White Citizens' and 'State of Unrest'. We recorded with world class producer Bruce Bennett. We fought and we laughed and we learned.

Sadly, the time with Nate would come to an end. His decision to focus on career and family would usher in a new era for End Rezult. Enter Jason. He had been keeping his chops sharp playing with 'Black as Day'. He and Mike had reconciled after the Estranged break-up and he volunteered to fill Nate's void. We gladly accepted the offer and it became obvious at the first few practices that this was a new begining for us. We were reborn!

The end result of 'End Rezult' is this: Four hard-working guys who love to play music. Coming from completely different musical backgrounds as diverse as metal, hip-hop, 80's rock, blues/funk, and grunge rock to form one sound. A sound similar to bands like Rage against the Machine, Incubus, 311, and (hed) PE, and yet, still very original. The ability of all four members to play every rock instrument makes songwriting always interesting and live shows unpredictable. The energy that protrudes on stage and on CD is genuine. A love of the sweaty, challenging, spontaneous, exhausting, sometimes crazy life that is that of a traveling band.


Used to Be

Written By: Mike Nelson/ Geoff Adams

All I see, is everyone around me changing. Grown up now, it seems our lives we’re slowly rearranging. I guess I’m just a bit nostalgic but it seems the good old days were so much less tragic. Life’s simplicity was gone long ago for me, some have kids or are married and some committed suicide or O.D.’d

I can’t help these situations have brought me down now I’m overtaken. Maybe this is all in my head, maybe I’m falling apart

CHORUS:I cannot help but think about, about the way things used to be. I cannot help but think about, what the future holds for me

Nobody ever said it’d be this fast but the innocence of childhood has quickly come and passed. It makes me look ahead and wonder, will I keep my head up or just go under? I still reminisce about all of the things I miss, sentiments like this persist sometimes I feel that I just exist

I can’t help these situations have brought me down now I’m overthinking. Maybe this is all in my head, maybe I’m falling apart


I was a freak. I never liked authority. And through all I’ve seen, I’m still me

Now flashbacks are coming on of all the crazy things I’ve done. Sneaking out the window to hit one, playing keg parties just for fun, stealing the keys to my Mom’s car because I am a juvenile. Unmarked, Estranged, and Hognutt at the Somber Reptile

I can’t help these situations have brought me down now I’m overtaken. Maybe this is all in my head, maybe I’m falling apart



Written By: Mike Nelson/ Geoff Adams

I guess I should’ve never let you in, it all blew up in my face again. It’s not much different than the times before, a pattern with you I chose to ignore. You used me what can I say, there’s nobody left here but me to blame. It’s a shame I can’t refrain from being set in my ways, I’m too trusting of you to realize that your fake

CHORUS:You asked me to and I did, I did it for you.
To watch it come back around and backfire.

You pleaded and begged til I gave it a chance, you forgot to warn me of your arrogance. But hey, it could’ve been worse you could’ve pushed me down and rubbed my face in the dirt. But maybe tomorrow I can try, to learn from my past and not wonder why? This world’s messed up and everyone lies but if I let it get to me a part of me dies


And so I think that you know, that you’ve got mind control. It’s building up inside of me until I finally explode

No, I don’t want these games I guess you win cause I aint playing
So, I can’t look at you because it makes me think of what you put me through
No, I won’t give anymore because there’s nothing left worth fighting for
So, you scream and shout but your time is up and your luck’s run out
I take back everything


Last Nerve

Written By: Mike Nelson/ Geoff Adams

Well yesterday it seemed long ago, you built us up with so much hope. Once had a clean slate and now it’s gone, fills up when your mouth starts to run. I’ve tried hard to explain my pain, my shame, my fear we have nothing to gain. My anger starts to show. I try to hide it but…

CHORUS:Now I think I know
It’s somewhat of a situation
Still I can’t seem to say
One that I cannot ignore
Now I think I know
Nothing can beat, nothing competes with you. And that’s on my last nerve.

Exaggeration. Humiliation. Just like I’ve always said.
And I’m sorry if I’m harming, by putting you back in your place

Well yesterday it seemed long ago, you built us up with so much hope. Once had a clean slate and now it’s gone, fills up when your mouth starts to run. I’ve tried hard to explain my pain, my shame, my fear we have nothing to gain. My anger starts to show. I try to hide it but…


Now my vision is getting clear. I can see that you’re just full of fear of being revealed for what you are: a fraud, and a liar, and not much more. It seems the fault is just your own, you fall behind while we all grow. Listen up, it’s time to settle the score this is one thing I know for sure. It’s not you, so you claim. Do your best to shift blame. Your in denial; what a shame, you’re the cause of your pain. Be like that, you won’t grow. But I think that you should know what it’s like to want more from tomorrow.

And it’s you, and it’s you, but we fight and you lose.
And it’s you, and it’s you. What it’s like to want more from tomorrow.


No Good Reason

Written By: Mike Nelson/ Geoff Adams

Now I wake up today to find nothing has changed, trying to find a new way but it all stays the same. An invisible hand it seems is holding me back from reaching all my dreams. No matter how hard I try I can’t make my ends meet.

CHORUS:As long as I am old, I’ve been waiting for that day
But shit just gets in the way, for no good reason

My blood, sweat, and my tears have gotten me nowhere. Failure is my worst fear, seems I am almost there. Well I’ve pushed so hard and I’ve tried and tried, but it still seems hopeless and I wonder why?
Maybe I’ve done some wrong in one of my past lives


Suffice to say that I’m just a bit jaded; my patience wearing thin from the dues I have paid in. Life is coming on like a tough love mother. Teaching you the hard way that a smile is just a cover

Stepped Upon

Written By: Mike Nelson/ Geoff Adams/ Bonz

Well I’ve been down before, this is nothing new and what I’m going through I’m trying to not blame too much on you. Cause a new day awaits on the path that I’m taking; so now I’m looking forward instead of backwards thinking about what could’ve been. The situation’s outta control again, my friend. But I can see a new start can be a better end. So I’m walking away from the things you do to me because every time that I give in I get a footprint on my face.

CHORUS:Every time you come around, I’m feeling stepped upon
But you will not bring me down

Now what did I uncover? Scratched the surface and discovered. You’ve done this to others, ex- friends and former lovers.
But you don’t hear what I say to you. Not that I ever thought that my words would get through.


LP-No Good Reason 2008

Set List

An End Rezult set is generally 45 minutes to an hour long. Depending on the venue and if and how many other bands are playing we will play one, two or three sets. Our material is mostly original and some of the covers that we do play we make our own. This includes a rock version of "ATLiens" by Outkast, an acoustic version of "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" by Otis Redding, and a rap/rock version of "No Huggie/ No Kissie" by The Georgia Satellites amongst others. Often times when we are playing three sets we open with an acoustic set with lots of covers.

1. All in Time 7. ATLiens by OUTKAST
2. Issues 8. PoGo
3. Backfired 9. Stepped Upon
4. Silver Lining 10. Been There, Done That
5. Used to Be 11. Bittersweet
6. Deceptive Expression 12. Ignorance is This.....