End The Stars

End The Stars


Commercial hard rock, no screaming, a lot of music, intense songs, and a furious live show.


There is a stigma about being commercial that you have to sell out to do so. End The Stars is inventively commercial. They have chosen to make their own path in the music industry. The songs are heavy, deep, and meaningful, with catchy choruses that grab the listener and refuse to let go.

Their live show is a force to be reckoned with, and allows them to easily win over new fans.

Their goal is to allow the progress of rock music that has been stifled for quite some time by short-lived trends.

www.endthestars.com - see and hear for yourself.


End The Stars 2007 EP - Available on iTunes and Snocap.

Other singles available streaming on their MySpace page.

Set List

End The Stars has a few different set lists. 10 songs in total with musical interludes.