Endway may just be the bastard offspring of INXS and Maroon 5. The band has a very soulful rock sound that is equal parts familiar and brand spanking new. If you are looking to start the party, Endway is the answer, live or recorded.


Morgan Dorr and Kevin McHugh have been playing music together so long that when one on them catches a cold, the other one sneezes. On stage, it is apparent that the two have a symbiotic musical relationship. Together, they came up with the name of the band, Endway. To Morgan and Kevin, it represents a journey; it was choosing between paths to create a life's story. Music was everything to the two but they realized that success in life was about balance, about recharging the system, about connecting to their fans. Kevin and Morgan wanted to give back in return for all that they got. Finding the likeminded Sandman, Brian Lempert and Scott James, Endway was now in a position to have fun together, put on a fierce live performance and help out the charitable communities of Boston, Costa Rica & New Orleans. It is the band's goal to become active and give back in all of the markets that have helped to drive their success.

Shortly, Endway will roll out a viral community portal to give away the band's music, back catalogue and future recordings, for free. They are also developing a collectible component that will further serve to connect the band with their fans.

In the interim, Endway is constantly touring and recording. Their album, Action, was released in the summer of 2008 and follows their successful self-titled 2005 release. Four songs from the debut album are featured on 5 different MTV shows including The Real World, Road Rules, and The Hills. Their next release in Summer 2009 will feature an added emphasis on the band's harmonies and musical virtuosity.

Performing nightly, both locally and nationally, the group's dynamic live show is truly something to see and hear. Their ability to kick-start a music hall is now legendary. Endway has shared the stage with national acts: All Time Low, Brand New, Boys Like Girls, Hoobastank, Dashboard Confessionals, A New Found Glory, Fair To Midland, Damone, The Lost Prophets, and The White Tie Affair.

Endway believes in the power of the road trip and has toured the USA many times with great success. Recently, Endway played a series of shows in Central America. While touring in Costa Rica in January 2008, Morgan, Kevin, Brian and Scott worked hands on with the Roberta Felix Foundation, a charity that benefits underprivileged children with special needs.
"During the day we were contributing in any way that we could," says guitarist Kevin McHugh. "It was an eye-opening experience to see that every little bit counts."

Endway kicked off 2009 with an Eastern Seaboard Tour of the Mid-Atlantic and Southern states supporting their 2008 release, "Action" In July 2009, the group released its new album, Running Man. It is available for free on www.endway.com and is part of Endway's new music distribution plan and charitable initiative.


Endway - (self-titled) - 2004
Endway - (demo) - 2007
Endway - Action - 2008
Endway - Running Man -2009