Rock and Roll from the soul. Be a part of the movement - it's our way, it's your way... it's the endway


Meet Endway, an Indie modern rock quartet based in Massachusetts who formed in 2003. Their musical influences range from the classic rock musings of Queen to the power pop wizardry of Weezer and the punk-rock rhapsodies of Green Day Morgan Dorr (lead vocals and guitar), Kevin McHugh (guitar and backing vocals), Chris Burns (bass and backing vocals), and Scott James (drums) grew up together and genuinely enjoy what they are doing, their energy has ignited club and festival goers from Maine to DC. Now they are embarking on their first national tour, with 25 dates in 34 days.

Their self-produced debut album was released in 2005 and combines powerful melodic rock with energetic rhythms and vocals that walk the fine line between iron-fisted tenacity and romantically tender ballads. Reviewers have compared the music on the disc to Jimmy Eat World and Sugarcult. Three tracks from the CD were featured on MTV shows, This Town Forever on The Inferno II in 2006, I Ain't No One on The Real World Key West, and Acoustic Song on The Real World Austin.


Opened for Hoobastank at the famous Orpheum theater in Boston for a WBCN XMAS RAVE and The Middle East club in Cambridge, Ma

Opened for Dashboard Confessionals at the Pepsi Arena in New York.

Have had three different songs played on
MTV's Real World/Road Rules Inferno
Real World Season's 16 & 17

Over 20,000 plays on Purevolume.com

Selected by Purevolume to be on their front web-page.

Nominated for Boston Music Awards best new local band

Chosen to be in the NEMO Conference

Raised over $1,000 at a Tsunami Benefit show and had article written about them at the Somerville News.

Currently writing songs for our Sophomore Album.


And We Live

Written By: Endway@2004

And we live

And I choose faith to save my life, but I would never ever pay for it
You take away my strength, take everything from me. and it feels like my fault that no one never ever cares to see that we’ll find another way, all we need is something to hold on

Take my hand and sing with me now
Take my hand and sing
And we live, and we live and we live
To find another way
So come along with me do the right thing

And I found this, I found this place to stay and there’s room for everyone I know, so come along with me we could use your help living the endway

I could sing forever standing by myself, I need your help to take them down, take them down

Acoustic Song

Written By: Endway@2004

Acoustic song

I could say a thousand words for these memories of mine
I’m singing this one to ease my mind
in a way I feel the same now and I think its alright, its alright to say goodbye
another story left untold, some more lies to break the mold and I wonder now sometimes I feel that I had too much time, and I wont cry
love is when you cant forget your past, but you learn along the way, it was something that felt so true, that you knew would never last
oh, everyone is calling out your name, and I wont cry, its alright to say goodbye

One Lonely Night

Written By: Endway@2004

One lonely night

What can I say that theres no way, that you’d be wrong now. Can I say anything to make this go away?

On and on, and its never different, and I’ll stand up and make it all-make it all go away
Do you want it? Do you feel it anymore?
Are you honest or did you lie along the way?

I’m on my way, don’t you ever talk that way to me again

And I wonder where I’ll go, cause I don’t need you now and I won’t see you now

And this is who I am, this is where I stand one lonely night, one lonely night


3 song Demo released early 2003
10 song CD released fall 2004-available at Newbury Comics and www.CDBABY.com/endway
We are receiving airplay on WBCN, WFNX and WAAF, WBRS, DC 101.1 Our tracks are avail. for listening on Purevolume.com, CDbaby.com, endway.com and myspace.com/endway

Set List

We play an all original set for most concerts lasting 40-45 minutes. For longer shows, we mix in Bob Marley, Sum 41, Nirvana, CCR, whatever you can think of, we'll run it down.


1. And we live
2. Always
3. Hey Babe
4. Feelin' Love
5. And you
6.Ten Miles Away
7.This town Forever
8. Acoustic Song
9. One Lonely night
10. I aint no one
11. So long (NEW SONG!!)