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“There are other worlds than these.” Nobody knows this better than the apocalypse rock band, EndWorld. Hailing from another version of this Earth, this band of travel-weary survivors knows music, too. Taking the same popular music that was responsible for destroying their world, and putting a funny, apocalyptic spin on it, EndWorld creates a high-energy party atmosphere wherever they play. “No one knows how long we've got,” says frontman, Donner. “So our motto is “party till the end of the world." And playing everything from Lady Gaga to Johnny Cash, (like no one's ever heard them before,) and throwing in some heavy, apocalyptic originals in the vein of Rob Zombie gone "comedy," EndWorld knows how to turn a "crowd" into a "party."

But life wasn't always a party for this band of survivors. Each coming from from very different backgrounds, the members of EndWorld have seen destruction at it's worst. Years of crappy, mind-numbing popular music eventually caused their society to become so dumbed-down and bored that they couldn't think for themselves. This led to massive nuclear wars that left their namesake land, (EndWorld,) a desolate wasteland, populated only by mutants, twisted technology, and a few surviving military troupes.

Joining one of these military troupes, the members of the group put down their instruments and picked up the weapons of apocalyptic survival. Four years spent fighting for survival had changed them in ways they couldn't imagine, and there were very few luxuries to be had. (Fortunately, there were still a few places they could buy beer.)

One fateful night the four of them huddled into a small, salvaged plane, and embarked on a desperate beer run to the city of Lud. On the way there, Shiny barely had time to notice a shimmering, liquid-like pattern of air that quickly began generating a strange sound. Too late to avoid it, Shiny flew the plane right through the middle of it. A giant “crack” sound, and it was over.

Though thankful to be alive, the group was shocked to see the landscape below them when the Sun came up. No blasted lands! No fallout, or irradiation, or dryed-up lakes, only green fields and clear water. Thinking this must be a dream, they landed in a field and began exploring this new world. It was as if it's a different version of their own world, before it had moved on. Even some street names and beer labels were the same. But best of all: they recognized many of the best songs from their own home, long ago!

Anxious to stop merely “surviving,” and play music once again, the eager quartet once again picked up their instruments and began playing the best of the songs they recognized. But their hard experiences had changed them somehow. The music was coming out just as fun as it always had, but it was also different...almost...”twisted”....