Eneida Marta

Eneida Marta


ENEIDA MARTA is, nowadays, the new promise in African Music, taking musical and vocals influences from all over the world, she works always in the acoustic way of musical show.


ENEIDA MARTA was born in Guinea Bissau. Is a singer with an African really spectacular roots voice. She descended from a cultural family, mainly from his father coming from Cape Verde.
ENEIDA MARTA has become a new promise down the African actual music panorama. She gests musical and vocal influences from all the world always working it in an acoustic performance way.



Written By: Mimito

Mindjer n'odja bu kurpo bati
N'odja bu udjus burmedju uai
N'odja ânsia na bó

Ninsi na notis di turbada
Ninsi na notis ma medúnho
N'misti odjau bu na luta
Ma ku djito 'u tem que luta
Sim vingança bu na venci

Mindjer ó doce mel
Mindjer ó mindjer
Mindjer ó i mame
Mindjer ó

Sol na lumia bu dias
Lua na lumia bu notis
Strela na mostrau caminho
Pa é mundo di ermos
Que na bu vida é virau costa

Guirta liberdadi
Giurta guirta guirta guirta
Kuma pa dá Cesar kil ki di sil
Mindjer toma 'u dirito

Toma toma toma
Toma 'u diritu

Mindjer ó doce mel
Mindjer ó mindjer
Mindjer ó i mame
Mindjer ó


Putumayo, from United Status, was interested for her first album and she participate with the song “Na Bu Mons” in the compilation called “An Afro-Portuguese Odyssedy” (2002), dedicated to the Portuguese colonies in Africa. This collaboration open her the doors to be an international recognised artist for her closed music and splendid voice giving her a first position in the media.

In 2002, ENEIDA MARTA, returns to surprise media and public with her second album “Amari” (Love of my life); a maxi-single where she pays tribute to Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde music, where she sings in Arabic showing her most eager and versatile artistic way.

At the end of 2005, she finished to record her third album “Lôpe Kai” with the one she started her first International Tour “Lòpe Kai 2006-2008”

Recording the new one: "Guinée na Mundo Fora"

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