Enemy Anemone

Enemy Anemone


Enemy Anemone live by two rules- have fun and dance. The band mixes pop-punk song stylings with throbbing beats to create a party-ready music.


Lillian Turner wanted to make noise. Kayla Kay wanted to scream and shout and shake it on stage. Starr wanted everyone to get up and dance. Together, the three high school juniors make Enemy Anemone, and music to dance to. The girls met at a party, as they each were trying to play makeshift DJ. A mutual appreciation of Joy Division, Shiny Toy Guns, Girl Talk, the Cure, dance remixes, and 80's Madonna was soon exposed, and the girls united to form the band. After playing dozens of private parties, the teenage trio from Northern Californa settled down and recorded a debut EP, Dance, or I'll Shoot!, which will be released in June, with a full length album, Enemy Anemone Under the Sea, to follow in August. Enemy Anemone is ready to explode on the Bay Area scene, and they have the tracks to prove it.


Dance, or I'll Shoot! (EP) June 19, 2007
Enemy Anemone Under the Sea- (expected release) August, 2007

Set List

Typical set is 30-45 minutes

Songs include:
Danger, Danger
Let's Not Fight
Liar, on Fire
What Would it Take
Los Angeles
Somewhere Suburbs
Nice Try, Though
We Could (Pretend to) Be Friends
That Means You, This Means Me
Once, Twice, 87

Also, some spontaneous covers