Enemy of Mine

Enemy of Mine


Enemy of Mine is a blend of pure rock and creativity establishing its foundation in southeastern North Carolina. Five like-minded musicians formed the group in the Winter of 2009. Inspired by each other, the group blends various musical styles of rock.


A collective passion for unadulterated rock music brought band mates Dan, Ryan, Mike, Daniel, and Justin together to form the exhilarating sound of what would soon become Enemy of Mine. Unique rhythmic hooks, melodic vocals, and thoughtful lyrics make their music and edgy mixture resembling that of Jimmy Eat World, Incubus, and 30 Seconds to Mars.
In March 2009, only two short months after Enemy of Mine first formed, a sound engineer approached the band from Chad B Studios in Wilmington, North Carolina. They willingly accepted the offer by the studio to record the band’s first single titled “No One In Charge.” Since then, they have played numerous shows locally and regionally opening and co-headlining with such bands as The Ataris and Marcy Playground. Another song titled “Life in a Flashback,” has become a hit amongst fans and has earned the band consistent airtime on radio stations in North Carolina, Georgia, and Mississippi.
Enemy of Mine’s performances are just as intense as the music they play. Fans can always count on a captivating show filled with infectious energy, crowd-pleasing sound, and occasionally, wild attire. Keep your eyes wide, ears open; Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.


No One in Charge

Written By: Enemy of Mine

We fell for the tales that have been told
The cold blooded wars that are now legal

How did we get to this?
Killing our own.

It’s easy when there’s
No one in charge.

Can someone just save us?
How do we choose?

I know we’ve been told
That it won’t be long.

We live in a world
Where the rich will survive.

The ignorance of our years is starting to rise.



Where will we go?
I’ve wondered when.

And where will we go.

If this is the end
Look back and smile

Won’t you show me?


Neither Here nor There

Written By: Enemy of Mine

I feel this where we have to draw the line.
It seems we’re found ourselves in something we both despise.

Nothing is like back in the day, that feeling with you went away.
I tend to stray.

Oh I just get bored
I’ve had my fill.

So are we here?
Or are we somewhere over there?

I can tell it’s not the same
It’s like you’re not in the room.

I feel you’ve just got this all out of context
There’s something I must confess.

Lust seems so effortless.

Lie after lie, cheat after cheat
You just stand there in defeat.

You’ve lost your glory
Now she’s feeding me what you used to give.

So are we here?
Or are we somewhere over there?

I can tell it’s not the same
It’s like you’re not in the room

She means nothing and where is it going to end
I swear with you
Right here with you.

Our World Exploding

Written By: Enemy of Mine

If all the world stopped at once
To give time to smell the roses.

I doubt that we’ll see it coming
I don’t think that time is on our side.

Now we broke the rules
Yeah you’ll see soon.

We’re doomed, we’re doomed…

If all the world was exploding
That’s when my faith is collapsing.

I doubt that you would notice
Not until there will be hell to pay.

It’s not like we’re just getting started
We’re oblivious to the future.

Our kids will never see it
And ashes to ashes we all fall down



Life in a Flashback

Written By: Enemy of Mine

This is the part
Where is start to lose control of my composure.

All the fallen dreams
That never got to see the light of day.

What happened to that kid that I once knew
They covered up the truth of why he had to move away
From here.

As this moment passes, I feel stuck in time
When you were mine.

I drown in memories
Can you say that we gave it our all.

What happened to the days that I once knew
With every step that I take fate tries to bring me back to you.

This moment passes by!

Our moments of youth have ended
I wish that I could re-live them
These are the moments we live for.
Will you be here?

We forgot just how it feels to be a kid again
You should take these days and hold them deep in your heart.

Strangely Warm in December

Written By: Enemy of Mine

I can’t remember a cold December
It’s warm.

The season’s changing
And soon we’ll all grow old.

This season is warming
A priceless journey.

Wont’ bring you back

Oh how do we live with that.

Now who are we?
A hopeless tragedy

Yeah it’s too easy
I can’t walk away

Can you remember
When days were better

I don’t recall.

Your face will leave you
Another will play your roll.




2009 Demo

Set List

1)Our World Exploding

2) My Baby

3) No One in Charge

4) Strangely Warm in December

5) Haunt Me in My Sleep

6) Exposed

7) Ryan Start

8) Neither Here nor There

9) Hold Your Breath

10) Life in a Flashback