Enemy Remains

Enemy Remains


We are an all original, progressive rock band with hard driving guitars and ear catching melodies, looking for a record label that believes in us and our music...


Newington, CT - based Enemy Remains, was formed in late Nov. 2005, by the orignal drummer of Fates Warning, Steve Zimmerman and his long time friends, Kevin Flowers on vocals, Tommy Blardo on guitars and Brian Doyle on bass. The members come from a very progressive metal background. The Band has cleverly brought their progressive riffs to blend with today's sounds and have put forth their best material ever written together. Enemy Remains has just completed its first 6 song demo project at HG Recording Studio in Deltona, FL.

"What sets us apart from the rest is our songwriting and the arrangement of our music... We don't just slap parts together like you hear a lot with other bands out there... We makes sure it works." Influences - Sevendust, Killswitch Engage, Pantera, Sabbath, etc...


Live for Today

Written By: Enemy Remains


I let you feed upon me… You never did believe
My broken dreams were all a mindless game… You feed upon me
I guess you needed someone to feel your apathy

I’ve taken all there is to take
Too far to fall… I just might break

The time will come for me to say
Lose it all… Or live for today

How different are we? We can’t see clearly
Is this all that we’ve become? When all is said and done
Between what’s wrong and right… We do it all in spite

Never Forget

Written By: Enemy Remains


Don't you know that I'm at the end of my rope?
Push it down again and again so long
The anger builds inside... It's cold to the touch
The life we live is all so corrupt

I will never forget the tears in your eyes
The pain and guilt I left behind
Reach out your arms and pull me in
The time is now to never forget

All that's left are the scars of what was meant to be
Cuttin' deep within the skin and bleed
I taste the pain that's fallin' on me now
What is blind behind all the lies you allow

Swallowing pride is harder than it seems
Been living a lie for way too many years
It's all that's left for me
I tried for so long so you'd believe in me
I'm dyin' from fear... Why can't I see who I am inside?
I've said this all before... It's all that's left for me

Breathe Again

Written By: Enemy Remains


I've waited all this time...
To begin my life all over... It seems that I've been blind
All I ever wanted... All I ever needed is near

So I can breathe again...

I'm feeling dead inside...
As I'm crawlin' through the ashes of tainted lies and wicked games
All I ever wanted... all I ever needed is here

You know this was never a game to me
Can't you just let me... Breathe

Was it all worth the time to tear me down and turn away?
Take it all for granted and smother me?
Let me breathe... Just let me breathe again

Let me breathe...


Enemy Remains EP

Set List

30 minutes to an hour

Breathe Again
Drift Away
Never Forget
The Blame
Live for Today