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This band has not uploaded any videos



"...Enemyus and Black Earth at Vern’s, Calgary – Gig review and photos"

"Enemyus kept the energy at Vern’s high by pumping out an astounding metal set. Each instrument was cohesive and led tightly and smoothly into the next instrument, while the vocals were belted out with a furious passion. As the bass, drums and vocals boomed out, the lead and rhythm guitar worked well together and helped complete an all around harmonious sound in the music. However, do not let this pansy idea of harmony fool you, this was definitely high quality metal. I really enjoyed their sound and feel, the songs avoided the tricks and trends I see in a lot of metal music, which kept me interested and paying attention to them. The guitarists also mastered the hair windmill techniques, something I couldn’t master if my life depended on it (which, now that I think about it, would be a really weird situation). In short, high calibre sounds mixed with practiced professionalism." - By Lindsay Goodwin


2007- Self titled Debut "ENEMYUS" 5 song EP.
Recorded @ Monster Studios Airdrie
Recorded, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered By
Roger Sallans

2011- ENEMYUS The Worth of Man 11 song Album.
Recorded @ EK Sound Calgary
Recorded, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered By
Brian Joseph Dobbs

2012- ENEMYUS The Worth of Man EP 3 song EP.
Recorded @ EK Sound Calgary, Vocals @ Warskin Studio.
Recorded, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered By
Brian Joseph Dobbs



Enemyus is a band based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The current incarnation of Enemyus formed in April 2006 with current member lead guitarist Warren Immerkar, with vocalist Rob Muir, and now defunct bassist Justin Goran. A young man named Aaron Mulling handled drumming duties. They played one single show with Arron on the skins. After the show Arron disappeared and was never heard from again.

Warren then met a young upstart that went by name of Parker Boyd. The founding members of the band were blown away by his furious drumming and outstanding skill. Parker found instant kinship with the group and decided to join the band. With the addition of Parker, Enemyus then proceeded to dive headfirst into the Calgary live music scene, playing as many shows as humanly possible, even going so far as to play the basement of the Lynwood Re-Store, possibly the worst show in Calgary's history.

The guys then realized that everything would be better if there was more guitar, so they proceeded to audition many area guitarists. After many failings, they met guitar prodigy Daryn Kreppi. Daryn was an instant fit for the group, often bringing beer to practice.

In December of 2007 Enemyus recorded a 5 song EP at Monster Studios in Airdrie.

Unfortunately, soon after, Justin decided to leave the band to begin his career as an art student. After an exhaustive search, Enemyus found Dale Middleton. Dale is the best.

October 2010- Enemyus meets with Producer/Engineer Brian Joseph Dobbs. He has a credit list the size of California. We then chose to record the full length debut starting the next few weeks. After pre-production finished we decided to use EK Sound in Calgary, to record the drums. It took a lot of coffee, duct tape, and beer to get it all done, but it was worth it. Take a listen (www.myspace.com/enemyus)

April 1 2011- The Night of the Worth Of Man CD release party Rob the singer took an un suspected Opportunity from the Universe and moved his whole family out to an Island in the Pacific to pursue further career opportunities.

June 2011- After Months of searching Kijiji and the local ads A singer has been bestowed upon Enemyus to the like of which even god has never witnessed Dan Paradine. Dan in his previous band has shared the stage with the likes of: 3 Inches of Blood, GOB,Threat Signal, Econoline Crush, Dreadnaut...

March 30 2012- Enemyus Contacts Brian Dobbs again for more work and releases Worth of Man EP Online with 3 tracks redone by Dan P. Enemyus has recently shared the stage with Kill Devil Hill(former members from Pantera/Blacksabbath/Dio), Implants,and Ninja Spy. Enemyus has also played various venues, and outdoor events through out Alberta. We strive to push ourselves to create fun, energetic material for our fans and try to be the fastest setup and tear down band ever.