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Engine. @ Voltage (formerly Ritual)

Levittown, New York, USA

Levittown, New York, USA

Engine. @ Wild Spirits

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

Engine. @ Viper Room - Midpoint Music Festival 2005

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Engine. races out of the gate with their debut, "Silhouette On Black," an album loaded with crunchy goodness that rocks hard even in a sea of emo. This New York quartet delivers the goods with an intense velocity that bridges the gap between post-grunge and hardcore. They are far more melodic than typical hardcore bands and heavier than the Nickelback-wannabes. Forget attitude, they bring character to the table. Simply being very good at your craft is a terribly underrated quality, Engine. gives you everything they've got and nothing they're not."

Visce Beatha

Stylus Magazine
"It all begins with a Beer For Breakfast!"
Every Saturday morning on CKUW with out fail!
- Stylus Magazine

"Engine. has been receiving quite a bit of requests since being added into the Metal Faction rotation. Engine. rocks you hard with their NY blend of metal and rock. Put the pedal to the metal."

Metal Faction Radio - Metal Faction Radio

"Silhouette On Black will pin you up against the wall, handcuff you, pat you down, and then piledrive you into a whole new realm of heavy rock! You'd better wear a crash helmet!"

Timothy Connolly
Inside Connection - Inside Connection Magazine

"Engine. stands head and shoulders above the rest, as they understand how to satisfy not only their musical cravings, but their audience as well. For a shot of the current sounds of rock, try Engine. on for size."

Mike SOS
Skratch Magazine
Los Angeles, CA - Skratch Magazine

"Silhouette on Black" has to be one the best underground alternative metal CDs on the scene today. From the engine grinding opening riff (no pun intended) of "Show Me Yours" to the aural landscapes and progressive stylings of "Zeit", it is plain to see that Engine. is not a band that should be taken lightly.

This 4 piece ensemble consisting of Jonathan Ehlers on guitar, Tony Falco on drums, Matt Deluxe on bass, and Nick LaTrick on vocals has created something that many other major/indie acts have failed to accomplish in recent years... a product that you actually enjoy listening to from beginning to end.

In fact, each of the 10 tracks on this indie release exude a great deal of depth, sincerity, and musicianship that has not been present since the appearance of CDs (yes there was a time when people actually bought and listened to those large black wax things you may find at a local garage sale near you).

No matter what your musical preference is, one good listen to this CD will awaken that side of your brain that has been murdered by a collapsing record industry and it's idea of what is good music. "Silhouette on Black" is a well crafted piece of art that flows together meaningfully like scenes in a great classic movie. That being said, it would be no shock if several of these songs happen to appear in a movie soundtrack really soon.

The only complaint that can be made about this CD is that there is a hauntingly beautiful tune that is tucked away in a ghost track that appears 5 minutes after the completion of the last song. So, if you are one of those people that stops your CD when the music ends, it would be wise to wait and experience what Engine. can do with an a couple of acoustic guitars, a mandolin, and some well placed vocal harmonies

Engine. and "Silhouette on Black" should be held as the new standard for all rockers to aspire to.

- James Lane, HotIndieNews.com
- Hot Indie News www.hotindienews.com


No Back Up - EP 1999
Engine. (self-titled) - EP 2001
Silhouette On Black - LP 2005

*Engine. is currently on rotationon many college and local broadcast radio stations across the US (2nd MOST ADDS IN THE NATION 1st week on CMJ Heavy/Crucial charts), as well as internet radio, such as MetalFactionRadio.com (US/UK)
*Music from "Silhouette on Black" can also be heard streaming on sites such as Yahoo Launchcast and is available on iTunes as well as CDbaby.com and TowerRecords.com


Feeling a bit camera shy


A band so named for its unique utilization of human expression executed with mechanical precision.

An ENGINE: a series of perfectly aligned parts urged into synchronized movement by combustion; unified to manipulate raw, potential energy; a hot, creative core wherein each element is equally as important to the dynamic as the next.

No egos can function independently once this power-center cranks into gear; there can be no communication-breakdown once the machine shifts into drive. Owing to this interdependent, attuned intellectual focus, creative kinetics within the band and the explosion of sound that is the end result, Engine. often refers to their own sub-genre of rock as "Cerebralcore."
From heatless garages in the dead of New York winters to basements rank with the stench of smoke and sweat, from Brooklyn rooftops to Manhattan street corners Engine. has rolled over some tough terrain and back again. Adding up the miles between Boston and Baltimore, Engine. has assembled an intrigued and diverse fan base that continues to show support and a fascinating curiosity for what is to come. Online distribution and promotion has also become a powerful asset to the band: through resources such as MySpace.com and iTunes, Engine. has gained attention and praise for their 2005 LP "Silhouette on Black" from countless kindred souls across the states as well as across the globe.

Venues across the tristate area have witnessed the relentless barrage of promotion by Engine. through street teams that have successfully reached thousands; anyone turned on by the sounds that they hear blasting out of the Engine. street-team van will not go home empty-handed. Concert goers at Roseland, Hammerstein Ballroom, Irving Plaza and Starland Ballroom have been subject to a promotional blitz the second they leave the venue. Mobs have nearly overtaken the van demanding to know who they’re hearing and how to get in touch and more importantly stay in touch with their new favorite underground band.

Recently Engine. has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Biohazard, Dope and Acey Slade. Internet radio play and rock stations such as WDRE, WBAB, WCWP and the late WLIR have, in the past, and continue to spin Engine. tunes for a faithful audience that always cries out for more...and Engine. has delivered.
Silhouette on Black, the 2005 debut full-length independent release, has already been met with acclaim from DJ’s, journalists and fans. One extremely impressed journalist points out the fact that "Silhouette On Black is not just one or two good songs with a lot of fillers but a complete album that one can listen to from beginning to end."

With the arrival of Silhouette on Black, each turn that Engine. takes is as unpredictable as the next. Engine. has had it’s fair shares of ups and downs, and every once in a while some maintenance needs to be done, but just like "America’s best warranty" it poses no problem for the consumer/listener.
As for now, Engine. continues to roll along the streets and highways it has chosen. From NYC potholes to smooth roads north and south they pay tolls, push speed limits and wonder what lies beyond what their eyes can see.