CEREBRALCORE 1. characteristic of or referring to doses of thought-provoking subject matter over a bed of rich, heavy soundscapes; 2. of that which stimulates the cerebral cortex and functions of consciousness stemming therefrom


A band so named for its unique utilization of human expression executed with mechanical precision.

An ENGINE: a series of perfectly aligned parts urged into synchronized movement by combustion; unified to manipulate raw, potential energy; a hot, creative core wherein each element is equally as important to the dynamic as the next.

No egos can function independently once this power-center cranks into gear; there can be no communication-breakdown once the machine shifts into drive. Owing to this interdependent, attuned intellectual focus, creative kinetics within the band and the explosion of sound that is the end result, Engine. often refers to their own sub-genre of rock as "Cerebralcore."
From heatless garages in the dead of New York winters to basements rank with the stench of smoke and sweat, from Brooklyn rooftops to Manhattan street corners Engine. has rolled over some tough terrain and back again. Adding up the miles between Boston and Baltimore, Engine. has assembled an intrigued and diverse fan base that continues to show support and a fascinating curiosity for what is to come. Online distribution and promotion has also become a powerful asset to the band: through resources such as MySpace.com and iTunes, Engine. has gained attention and praise for their 2005 LP "Silhouette on Black" from countless kindred souls across the states as well as across the globe.

Venues across the tristate area have witnessed the relentless barrage of promotion by Engine. through street teams that have successfully reached thousands; anyone turned on by the sounds that they hear blasting out of the Engine. street-team van will not go home empty-handed. Concert goers at Roseland, Hammerstein Ballroom, Irving Plaza and Starland Ballroom have been subject to a promotional blitz the second they leave the venue. Mobs have nearly overtaken the van demanding to know who they’re hearing and how to get in touch and more importantly stay in touch with their new favorite underground band.

Recently Engine. has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Biohazard, Dope and Acey Slade. Internet radio play and rock stations such as WDRE, WBAB, WCWP and the late WLIR have, in the past, and continue to spin Engine. tunes for a faithful audience that always cries out for more...and Engine. has delivered.
Silhouette on Black, the 2005 debut full-length independent release, has already been met with acclaim from DJ’s, journalists and fans. One extremely impressed journalist points out the fact that "Silhouette On Black is not just one or two good songs with a lot of fillers but a complete album that one can listen to from beginning to end."

With the arrival of Silhouette on Black, each turn that Engine. takes is as unpredictable as the next. Engine. has had it’s fair shares of ups and downs, and every once in a while some maintenance needs to be done, but just like "America’s best warranty" it poses no problem for the consumer/listener.
As for now, Engine. continues to roll along the streets and highways it has chosen. From NYC potholes to smooth roads north and south they pay tolls, push speed limits and wonder what lies beyond what their eyes can see.


The Season

Written By: Nick LaTrick

So go...if you think that I'll cry, then you're mistaken
Today is the day...the day that I'll awaken
I wish I knew how many times I'd have to be blinded
Before I can open my eyes

Right now I decipher the truth from all of the lies
Right now I can see the deceit in your eyes
Back then...back then I was foolish and blind
Tomorrow you'll have been left behind

I was ready for you to leave the second I saw you walk through that door
So follow the path that's been laid by those who've come and gone before
They say there's no time...
They say there's no time...
They say there's no time like the present...what do you know?
That's right now.
Right now.

I count the minutes before my sight should return...
My life sustained by only the moment this bridge will burn
In a flash of light and reason I denounce my prior treason, for within me lies the season during which all this will change
The steps I take, the first and last, the wounds left behind from the stones I've cast
The water settles and subsides, and I have found my peace...
my place...
my path...
at last.

Right now I decipher the truth from all of the lies
Right now I can see the deceit in your eyes
Back then...back then I was foolish and blind
Tomorrow you'll have been left...
been left behind

...and now that I've taken my place among the human race I have promised my broken heart and my battered soul that I won't let it go.


No Back Up - EP 1999
Engine. (self-titled) - EP 2001
Silhouette On Black - LP 2005

*Engine. is currently on rotationon many college and local broadcast radio stations across the US (2nd MOST ADDS IN THE NATION 1st week on CMJ Heavy/Crucial charts), as well as internet radio, such as MetalFactionRadio.com (US/UK)
*Music from "Silhouette on Black" can also be heard streaming on sites such as Yahoo Launchcast and is available on iTunes as well as CDbaby.com and TowerRecords.com

Set List

Typical set list features songs from the band's current album, older fan favorites, and newer, unreleased material. Set time can be adapted for any length or segregated into multiple sets. Although the primary focus is original material, the band can occasionally be coerced to cover one or two of their favorite challenging Tool compositions.
If a venue has video capability, the band has been known to produce its own thematic and ambient films to enhance the live experience of their music. The set is often laced with enygmatic and elusive sampling and sound-weaving.