Engine 143

Engine 143


Traditional acoustic music that's off the beaten path: Three piece harmony singing group with a repertoire that includes murder ballads, gospel tunes, and Appalachian folk songs. We have a Carter Family Tribute show, and perform original material as well.


Everlasting love, lost love, hard work, rambling, gambling, drinking, womanizing, jail, church, living, dying, railroading, cowboys and the blues. These are the bedrock of traditional music.

Engine 143 was founded in 2003, and originally set out to pay homage to Virginia's Carter Family, by singing their songs with the joy, sadness and simplicity that they were originally infused with.

Everything changes though, and as the green grass of summer gave way to the first chills of fall, hearts were broken, and mended and sometimes broken again. Whiskey was drank, and songs were written at the kitchen table and played on the back porch.

With both the traditional and original material, the band seeks to embody the spirit of rural music, with an equal love of both Saturday night, and Sunday morning.

We have shared the stage with Dr. Ralph Stanley, Larry Keel, The James King Band, Adrienne Young and Little Sadie, Porter Hall, TN, Jack Lawrence, Black Cash, The Slack Family and many many more.

We are lucky enough to often be joined onstage by some of Richmond's very best musicians. Our regular live band includes past state fiddle champion Dennis Elliott, and banjoist Nick Harlowe.

Teresa Douglas has carried on her family tradition of folk and bluegrass music and has toured and recorded extensively.

Julia Dooley's versatile and strong vocals have made her a hot commodity in the Richmond music scene. She currently also fronts Blue Line Highway.

Eileen Edmonds is a solo artist in her own right. A songwriter, lyricist and musician, she has an extensive discography.


Full length CD: Engine 143, "Solid Gone"

Set List

Most sets have 15+ songs and last 45 minutes- 1 hour
This is a partial list of material:
Gathering Flowers From The Hillside
Can't Feel At Home
East Va Blues
Wildwood Flower
I'll Fly Away
The Storms are on the Ocean
Keep On the Sunny Side
Bury Me Beneath The Willow
Dixie Darlin'
Anchored in Love
Gold Watch & Chain
Worried Man Blues
There’s No Hiding Place Down Here
Cannonball Blues
Cryin Holy
Gospel Ship
Poor Orphan Child
Will The Circle Be Unbroken
Wildwood Flower
Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone
Big Ball In Bristol
Workin On A Building
Hallelujah I’m Ready
Little Darlin Pal of Mine
I’m Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes
The Kitty Waltz
The L+N Don't Stop Here
Callin’ You
Shady Grove
Red Clay Halo
In the Pines
Poor Wayfarin’ Stranger
Whoa Mule
Chatanooga Sugarbabe
Caleb Myer
I Want to Sing That
Rock and Roll
Sin City
Hickory Wind
Folsom Prison
Ring Of Fire
Long Black Veil
Down By The Riverbed
Tugboat Captain
Dreadful Wind and Rain