Engine of Earth

Engine of Earth


Engine of Earth is a three piece rock band out of Milwaukee Wisconsin. We possess a fresh new sound with an array of instruments (no overdone guitar solos here, vintage Hammonds instead!) but are ‘mainstream’ enough not to turn off the common music fan. The sound produced is truly amazing!


Since Engine of Earth's lead instrument is a Hammond organ instead of a guitar, we produce a sound unique for rock. The Hammond combined with the prominent role of the bass guitar and the unorthodox drum rhythms allow the mere three-piece band to have a full and often orchestral sound. Although the genre we fit it best is progressive rock, we eschew the so commonly associated bombast and unnecessary quirkiness in favor of straight rock themes that stand out.

During the summer of 2008 – nearly two years after our current demo – Engine of Earth will begin the recording process of their first album tentatively entitled “Project Inferno.” Currently, we are assembling our own studio and rewriting parts of songs while bassist Casey Nieznanski is in California for school. Upon his arrival, Engine of Earth plans on immediate recording while performing numerous shows in order to promote their upcoming album.

The concept behind our first album is derived from Dante’s Inferno. Through our music, Engine of Earth takes the listener to the very Gates of Hell, across the river Styx, into the great City of Iron, and finally to face the very Enemy from Heaven himself. Each song on “Project Inferno” is written with a different style in mind to provide the listener with a diverse array of music, and to prevent monotony. Giants Gallery, for example, will feature a thundering ‘Rock-March’ with live strings and choirs while Back of the Beast will feature Dan Alexander with a dizzying lines of 16th notes backed by Mike Kennedy’s metal-like drumming. Once complete, “Project Inferno” will be a treat to any music lover’s ear.


The Gates

Written By: Dan Alexander

Through me is the way to the doleful house
Through me the way into endless pain
Through me the way among people lost
Your sin shall have its cost

Before me were no things created
But those who will endure evermore
And though my words here are faded
They’ll always mark oblivion's door:

'Abandon all hope ye who enter here'

Flee the swarming rage
Watch the flailing banner
Tell me noble sage
Why this vicious manner

‘These are allies to none
Here they’ve all come undone
Shunned above by primal love
And likewise so from those below…’

City of Iron

Written By: Dan Alexander

Not in our own might can be best our fright to enter the city of blight
Where even the dead cannot walk ahead but fall to the angels instead
Lo! Crossing the waste with furious haste to punish what we have just faced
Rush out of the path with blinding white wrath to witness its still aftermath

Disparaging fools your strength minuscule compared to the Almighty Rule
Now fell by the meek your deafening shrieks expose what was strong to be weak
Smash open the gate and eviscerate the ones interfering with fate
See with my own eyes the agents of lies and their catastrophic demise

Here beneath the battered earth there lies a city of iron
Sealed according to their worth in fraud and malice’s mire
Consigned to flames of war their minds permitting nothing more to blind their eyes.

Forth into the fields the torches reveal the denizens wretched ordeal
Past country and kin deeper within the fathomless fortress of sin
Know now that you fear what you carried here must die as the Morningstar nears
One final look back before the attack on all of the knowledge you lack

Here beneath the battered earth there lies a city of iron
Here is born a second birth onto an eternal pyre
Align. Draw nearer to the core, the dragon and his whore, await your eyes.


Engine of Earth - Excerpts from Inferno

1. Host of the Fallen
2. The Gates
3. City of Iron

Set List

Our set lists depend on the amount of time allowed for us to play. We have approximately 55 minutes worth of solid music to play though we usually allow around 1.5 minutes per song of extra time in case of a delayed start and/or time to talk between songs. For a 45 minute set, we would generally play the following songs:

City of Iron - 6:00
The Gates - 3:30
Back of the Beast - 2:00
Host of the Fallen - 5:00
Ethereal Road - 5:00
Giant's Gallery - 6:30
Exodus - 1:30
At the Foot of the Mountain - 3:00

This example of one of our set-lists covers an array of our style while allowing time to talk and relax between songs. We always have backup songs ready in case of extra time or an encore.