Engin Kavrak

Engin Kavrak

 ─░stanbul, Istanbul, TUR

The Bard
Dream, love and then draw
Hear, feel
Mix the colors then cast a spell
Fight, save, travel and pray
Eat, drink but don't forget to bring
Cry, laugh
Write a melody and play the wrath
Speak, listen
Clean the sky with your melody and watch the beautiful season
Fly, sense, see be free
Touch and scare and right the scale
Earn, find, do never be blind
Share your lore, which is more fair
Create, set free
Let your soul, follow your dreams
Dream, love, until the end


Nocturnal and semi-schizophrenic artist Engin Kavrak
was born in 1981 in Istanbul, Turkey.
He tended to live a life in cartoons and almost watched every
Walt Disney presented cartoons and other cartoons such as Pink Panther
Tom & Jerry and Popeye. He began to paint characters from the games
such as Mortal Combat and Street Fighter and animated them in the
software programs such as Deluxe Paint. Later on, he bought a guitar
and started taking guitar lessons from various teachers. He soon
found it that music had to play a greater role in his life. Then he began
to compose music for guitar and various instruments. Later on he began to write.
His first story was about a fireman who is retired and tries to make a living
in a village. Then he began to write poems that he sought and found the line
of poetry had more aesthetic and beauity. Nowadays Engin lives in Istanbul
in his house, writes poems and composes music.


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