Yoncalla, Oregon, USA

Original hard rock band, unique female lead vocals along with male lead vocals (sometimes shouting in distortion!), bass driven music, ages in the band range from 16 to 52! Hard hitting, catchy, songs guaranteed to make your head, foot, hand, some part of your body rock!!


Engraved started with myself, Mavis, meeting a young bass player named Josh Carpenter. I asked had asked his band to put some music to a song I wrote. He stayed longer playing some of his haunting melodic bass lines for me thus immediately inspiring me to start writing. We started Engreyved 6 1/2 years ago with a pretty good 2 1/2 year run, 1 studio recorded CD and another one on the way but began to struggle with keeping band members. After a 3 year hiatus, we are back with 2 new members and gigging professionally again.
Our music has several influences with the bass player's influence of Tool, Metalica and Primus, he plays high on the neck with reverb and some delay structuring the melody line through several of our early originals. Our later influences are that of our former guitar/rhythm player Donny Conners with his hard hitting grunge style that complimented the melodic bass with such a unique blend I can only describe it as "Beauty and The Beast" but in a good way of course! With melodic female vocals and male vocals shouting in distortion, we developed into a slightly harder rock style for our later years. Now we are back with our original drummer Steve Bogdanoff, and two new guitar players, Ben Lane and Austin Blanchfill. We have a 3 hour set with pop rock from the early years and harder stuff from the later years, a little bit for everyone!


Obsessed (A Love Song)

Written By: Josh and Mavis

There are no words to describe
my obsession with you.
And as long as I'm alive
no one else will do.

It controls me all day long
fuels my sleep at night.
An intensity so strong
without a spark it still ignites!

No chains can keep me from you (no walls to thick to break through)
I will not be denied (I don't care how hard you try)
Nothing can hold me back from you (it doesn't matter what you do)
You know I'm stronger than you.

Your face is plastered in my brain
The thought of you sets me on fire
as sure as blood runs through my veins
there's no end to this desire

It doesn't matter day or night
It doesn't matter who I'm with
If you're anywhere in sight
this urge JUST WON'T QUIT!

I know you're scared and it scares me (no I don't think you can see)
It won't stop until it's done (no matter how fast you can run)
Nothing can hold me back from you (no walls too thick to break through)

(Solo) Chorus 2X more.
Cause I am stronger than you,


Written By: Josh and Mavis

When you came to me
you could never see
that I'm the only one

Now that I've set you free
Why won't you let me be
because what's done is done

I can't hold on I just keep falling falling
Even though you're gone I hear you calling calling
Grab onto my arm keep me from crawling in the dark...keep me from falling (DOWN!)

Will my heart ever mend
this torment ever end
How much more can I keep taking
On you I can't depend
For you it's all pretend
You never knew my heart was breaking

I can't hold on, I just keep falling falling (down)
Even though you're gone, I hear you calling calling (me)
Grab onto my arm keep me from crawling in the dark...keep me from falling (DOWN!)

Solo Chorus Altro


Written By: Josh and Mavis

Does the color of my skin
make any difference?
If you could change me now
is there a preference?
If the world could only see...
see what's inside of me
If I could ask one thing
I know it would have to be...

Why do you judge me?
Where's your credentials?
Why don't you trust me?
What makes you so special?

If I grow my hair out long
does that change who I am?
Does it make me right or wrong
does it depend on where I am?
I can pierce or mark my skin
What would you think of me?
There's a person deep within
Open your heart and see...

but you still judge me
Where's your credentials?
Why don't you trust me?
See my potential

If I change the way I look
would you accept me now?
I suppose you wrote the book
on "Conforming Know How"

He's different and she's quite strange
where do we draw the line
If conforming is insane
maybe we would all be fine!

but you still judge me
Where's your credentials?
Why don't you trust me?
See my potential.

Why do you jusge me?
Where's your credentials?
Why don't you trust me?
See my potential!

does the color of my skin...make any difference?


Our first CD "Engraved" has 11 songs with the bass mostly starting them out and running the rhythm throughout.The first track "The Way I Feel" was featured on an extreme kayaking video for a company based out of California. The 10th track "Bliss" was featured as the main theme song for a short film from a company out of Eugene Oregon and entered into the Sundance film festival as well as our tracks being played on "The Q" Krnq 97.5 fm out of Eugene Oregon.

1. The Way I Feel
2. Engraved (title track)
3. Conformity
4. Obsessed
5. Bleed
6. Play For You
7. Fate
8. Overcast
9. Tears
10. Bliss
11. One More Time

Our second CD, a little more hard hitting will consist of songs such as:

1. Shards Of Silver
2. Cry
3. Crawl
4. I Wanted You
5. Bury You
6. The Pressure
7. Welcome To My Life
8. Dream For Me
9. Addict
10. Slave
11. Spirit

Set List

E set

The Way I Feel
Obsessed (A Love Song)
Bad romance (rocked hard!)
Welcome To My Life
Poker Face (rocked out!)
One More Time
Take Me Away

D Set

Shard Of Silver
Show Me How To Live
The Pressure
I Wanted You
Bury You
Dream for Me
Play for You
Free My Spirit

We usually divide these songs into three sets and take a 15 minute break in between. We also know several more covers we can add.