Hobart, Indiana, USA
BandHip Hop

Unbridled emotion guided by passion and heart.


March 9th is a huge day for Hip-Hop history. For those that are
not aware of the signifance of this date, it was when legendary rapper
Biggie Smalls was murdered. This day also marks the birth of another
rapper by the name of Enigmatic.

*Enigmatic* is not your average street rapper. He doesn’t come from a
broken home. He has never sold a single drug in his life. And much to your
surprise he feels more at home in the small town of Hobart,In (where he
resides now) rather than the old south side Chicago neighborhood where he
grew up. The odds are not stacked against him nor is he holding a royal
flush in his hand. Ask him and he's just a regular guy leading a regular
life. Ask the people closest to him they all agree- Enigmatic is
special. Enigmatic is original and the world will never have
another one like him.

*Passion* is the first word that comes to mind when I listen to
Enigmatic’s music. He comes through the speakers with such tremendous
expression, there are times its overwhelming. Every song is a journey and
he’s willing to open up his heart to invite you in. No punches are pulled
and no apologies are made.

If Hip-Hop fans were asked, "What’s wrong with the current state of Hip
Hop?" The usual reply is that it's missing *heart*. Enigmatic is not
lacking in that department. Unlike most rappers he does not feel the need
to prove how much money he has or how many females he's... for lack of
better words. His music is littered with personal life experiences from
his car blowing up in Texas, the passing of his grandfather to his family
hardships. His music shares his inner and daily struggles that he doesn’t
feel the need to hide. Instead of letting reality bring him to destruction
he presents it in such a unique sense that curiosity will bring listeners
to wonder, "Who IS Enigmatic?"

Enigmatic attacks every beat head on and speaks with an intensity
that only comes from knowing one self. Listeners will be drawn to keep
listening from one album to the next


2006 - Element of Suprise
2008 - Fading Lines
2010 - The SoundTrack
2010 - Lack Of Composure Sessions(in production)
2011 - Breaking Boundaries(in production)