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The best kept secret in music


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"Stopped Starts: Live at Concord Cafe" - 2007
"Oz" - 2005
"Weird Toes" - 2004
"Yellowbrick" - 2003


Feeling a bit camera shy



- a bio -

I could have started this bio off pretending to be someone else, speaking about myself as though I'm the next biggest thing since sliced bread, but come on...sliced bread? No way am I going to beat sliced bread. I am not the 'next biggest thing', because there will never be a 'next biggest thing'. What I am is a rare breed: a talented, passionate, singer/songwriter with an eye for life.

I have taught myself everything in regards to music and musical compositions. I have learned through years of observation, what it takes to be a true artist with enough staying power to satiate the needs and desires of my fans. I am not interested in being a one-hit wonder. I am not interested in being jazzed up by glamour and clothes and flashy, polished, over-produced instruments. I am in love with music and all of its glory.

Music has been dying. In an age of war and death, technology and religion, pop stars and conglomerates, music is slowly becoming something that the poets are no longer a part of on a mass scale. We are being led, by the hand, into a world of complex emotions, by the bright sunny pop stars who insult everyone's intelligence. But I digress. This does not tell you about me. I have been playing guitar since I was 16 and writing long before that. I sing about love, relationships, friends, enemies, politics, religion, sexuality, sex...basically anything that finds its way into my head. I have had many a show throughout Toronto, slowly, but surely building a solid fan base throughout the university crowds. I have opened up for Sam Roberts, as well as playing shows at The Rivoli, the 360, Holy Joe's, Lee's Palace, The Reverb, Healey's, Free Times Cafe and countless small coffee shops throughout this marvelous city. I have recorded three full-length albums, oh so carefully and lovingly in my bedroom. My first album is called "Yellowbrick" and it traces the first stages of my life. My departure from religion; my love-hate relationship with the village; my love/sex experiences; my self-awareness and sorrow; and finally my declarations and principles. The second, a departure, is a collection of forgotten songs, something that was very dear to me at the time entitled "Weird Toes". The third is the second in the Wizard of Oz themed albums entitled "Oz". A glimpse into the world of chaotic schizophrenic homosexuals that battle fraudulent acceptance, sex and sexuality, homophobia, AIDS and HIV, sorrow and heartache, lust, drugs, cross-dressing, and the French. My songs are testaments to the world I am observing and living in every day. I hope you like them.

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