London, England, GBR

Enjoyed is twenty three year old Peter Evans-Pritchard - an Electronic musician from the South of England who creates colourful dance music in the form of, what he calls, 'Joystep'.


Focusing on harmony and rhythm, Enjoyed makes kaleidoscopic electronic music that draws influences from various corners of the musical world. From 90's Techno to 50’s French Jazz, Steve Reich to the Broadway musical ‘Wicked’, Enjoyed manages to collect his favourite moments from music and mix them together into a warm, messy blanket of beats and melodies.
Taking his name from a Chemical Brothers B side, Enjoyed grew up listening to, what HMV would call, 'Dance Music'. Since then, his tastes have grown to encompass the likes of Animal Collective, Patrick Watson and Dirty Projectors, to name a few. Enjoyed uses these influences like a colour palette, combining styles and feels onto his own musical canvas.
Expect to hear atmospheric Underworld-esque synths alongside beach-warm balearic harmonies and French Pop melodies.
Enjoyed is all the sounds that make the sun come out and more.


Oscar (August 30th - 2011)
Remix Collection (2009 - Present)
KRD (2011)
Do Everything (2010)
Useful Beat Food (2010)
Ringer Suite (2010)
First (2008)

Set List

Live Jam including:
Return of the Mack (Remix)
Come & Go By Bubble
Fabulous To Feed
Double Safe Tofu