Troy Jackson

Troy Jackson

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Join the Pop Music Re-Evolution. Jackson is a Pop, Punk, Funk, Canadian Musician who's chosen weapon is a microphone! Music For the People. Dance Where you Are...


Having surve! Jackson is a self-professed funk-gospel, punk.

His 2nd music video “The Batty Boys Revenge” (Directed by Alison Duke) has won powerful reviews for addressing the issue of homophobic violence, with screenings at The Art Gallery of Ontario, The Inside Out Film Festival, Image Nation Film Festival, The Regent Park Film Festival, Omni Television and the North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

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"The Batty Boys Revenge"

Written By: Troy Jackson

Mamma Hate Me/ Daddy in my face/ Brother berate me/ Gotta leave this place/ Mamma loved me/ Just the other day/ Shoulda kept my mouth shut/ There was Hell to pay/ Daddy lookin at me/ Got nothing to say/ Sistah keeps on Tellin me to pray/ Looking ovah my shoulder for that last time/ Looking over my shoulder/ I had enough of it/ Looking over my shoulder/ Time to bypass this Bull/Sh/ Sh/Shit...


Forgetful Nefertiti
The Batty Boys Revenge

Set List

Set List:

Slide, WHO, Glamorous, Surface, Forgetful Nefertiti, The Batty Boys Revenge, Icons