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Question 1: Enkay, we understand you have recently won SongPrize.com's International Song Competition. Congratulations. Now that you are an International Award Winning Artist, how do you feel this will effect your music Career?

Answer: Thank you. I’m really excited about the news. It was only by the end of July when I had finished mastering the album and I won my 1st prize as international songwriter. What a good surprise! This will open so many doors to me, something that I could only dreamed of… not while ago.

Like most independent artists I’m currently looking for a distribution deal that will allow me to make my creations available to the public. This prize is definitely a huge stepping-stone at this stage in my career.


Question 2: Do you feel that SongPrize.com is a good way for Songwriter's and Musicians to get their material in front of top music industry decision makers AND to the world and if yes, why?

Answer: Absolutely. Every creative artist needs exposure, and right now SongPrize.com and its partners are promoting me to the world. I should also note that in addition to the promotion opportunities provided by SongPrize.com, constructive feedback from music professionals could add tremendous value and fine tuning my future compositions.


Question 3: We understand that you are residing in Canada. Have you ever been to Nashville?

Answer: Unfortunately I’ve never been there. Nashville is one of the three major music industry centres in the United States - a city with a voice that the music world listens to. Hopefully, sooner than later I will have an opportunity to come to Nashville.


Question 4: Do you feel that SongPrize.com has opened or has the ability to open up doors to you in your music career which otherwise would have remained closed? If Yes, how do you feel that being a winner has or will benefit you?

Answer: No doubt. While promoting my album at Popkomm Music Conference in Germany for distribution contract my personal representative was able to gain a much stronger position.

The album started generating a better interest due to the contest response that I’ve received from SongPrize.com.


Question 5: What goals are you looking to accomplish with your music.

Answer: As for my short- term goals, currently, I’m seeking a distribution deal with major label company to put my album on the shelves and promote it through radio airplay and video on music TV stations. My long- term goal is to write more songs (actually, I’ve already have enough songs for the next 2 albums). I’d also like to secure a recording deal in addition to promotion and distribution contracts.


Question 6: What is the style which best describes your music.

Answer: For the last few years I’ve been working on developing a fresh new style combining features of modern jazz-pop and odd time commercial signatures.


Question 7: Given your now International success with SongPrize.com, would you recommend other songwriters and musicians to get involved with SongPrize.com?

Answer: Absolutely. Actually, I’ve already e-mailed the songprize.com site to all the musicians that I know for the next contest. We should never give up and always try the best of ourselves to achieve what we are striving for. SongPrize.com is a great opportunity for this achievement.


Question 8: Do you plan on participating in the next round of competition looking to take home yet another International Award?

Answer: I’ve already submitted another song from my new album. And again, I highly encourage everyone who writes either music or lyrics to participate the contest. Good luck to everyone!


Question 9: Is there anything in particular you would like to say to your Fans?

Answer: I would like to thank my fans for their continuous support, for the excitement they share with me, for new ideas they gave me and for their love and trust in me and my music.

Love you forever!!!


Question 10: How do you feel SongPrize.com has helped your career?

Answer: By winning 1st place as an international songwriter I hope to generate a great degree of positive attention and alertness, and hopefully this will ultimately lead me to further and greater successes in my career. I feel that this prize will open the doors towards major connections in the music industry. “High buzz” is what any group or musician looks for, Songprize is definitely triggering this buzz for me by focusing the attention to the world music business.

- Songprize

"Global Press Releases for Radio, TV and Internet Outlets"

NASHVILLE, TN (September 2, 2004) – SongPrize.com announces the latest winners of its International Songwriting Competition. Winners were selected from contestants who entered the competition through the SongPrize.com website (www.SongPrize.com). In addition, SongPrize was pleased to once again welcome electronic entries from Sonicbids.com (www.Sonicbids.com) members. Sonicbids offers artists and songwriters from around the world the ability to submit their press kits over the internet. The quality of the “Electronic Press Kits” EPK™ is superb and recommended for all musicians. If you wish to get in the next round of competition please visit www.Sonicbids.com/songprize04 or visit www.SongPrize.com The awards were as follows:

First Place Award goes to:
of Vancouver, British Columbia (CANADA)
For the Song entitled “Go For It”
(website is www.EnkayMusic.com ).

Second Place Award goes to
Jim Nelson
of Menomonie, WI (USA)
For his Song entitled “Rock Me Sweet Jesus”
(website is www.TheCutaways.us ).

Third Place Award goes to
Nicki Sims
of Green Bay, WI (USA)
For his Song entitled “We Are Americans”
(website is currently unavailable).
Horizon Awards:

Most Promising Female
of Inglewood, CA (USA)
(website is www.Sonicbids.com/Juda ).

Most Promising Male
Joe Cang
of London, England (UK)
(website is www.ManjoMusic.com ).

In addition, listings for 50 Honorable Mention Awards are posted at www.SongPrize.com .
1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners will be contacted with further information concerning their wins.
Honorable mention winners will be awarded with promotion for their act or themselves as indicated at the SongPrize.com website through a series of press releases.

Press Releases may be found at www.PressHog.com or by visiting www.SongPrize.com. Additional Press is distributed in the various cities and countries www.PromoteMEtoTheWorld.com promotes to. Press releases will also be distributed to various other Radio, TV and Internet outlets around the globe.

A New Round of the SongPrize.com Songwriting Competition has just begun at www.SongPrize.com . Be sure to visit www.SongPrize.com and "Put Your Best Songs Forward." ™

- PressHog

"1st place International Songwriter"

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Video - DVD/Single "Take me" 2004 c
Album - "Beam" 2005 c
Album - Jara D'jara
Album - Outside life




Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, eNKay’s look combines his mother’s Northern Latvian genes with the hot South Bulgarian blood of his father. At age 11, he moved with his mother to Algeria, Africa where he attended The French College and learned Arabic and African music.

As any normal teenager, he was “into music” listening to pop, rock, folk, hard rock and classical music. He spent more than 8 hours a day guitar in hands, practicing scales, creating songs, and conditioning his voice. At that time eNKay developed his unique classical, acoustic flamenco, and electric guitar style. He first appeared on the scene performing for an audience of more than 3,000 people when he was 14, and since that time music has guided his life.

Being a master guitar player was not enough, while spending a summer in Paris, France he composed his first album “Jara D’Jara” and recorded it upon returning home to Sophia. Bulgarian folk songs lent inspiration for his unique style odd time signature music and mystical vocals. eNKay’s signature can be traced in all his creations past and present – this is what defines eNKay. eNKay presented the world with his second album “Outside Life” just before moving to Canada.

From classical flamenco to the odd time signature rhythm and double hand “piano” techniques make eNKay unique as an influencer of new style, sound and writing. His diversified taste and innovative approach open new dimensions in music creation and guitar performance.

For the last few years since moving to Vancouver, Canada, eNKay has been working on developing a new style combining features of modern jazz-pop and a new commercial rhythm genres. He has composed over 25 new songs that will be recorded and released on his next 2 albums, as he continues to challenge his style with fresh new ideas and compositions.

eNKay – CANADIAN SINGLE - CD-DVD combo “Take me” is the single promoting his new album “BEAM”, which is currently in its final recording stage.
Target official date release March30th/05 Richard's
on Richards.