Richmond, British Columbia, CAN

From deep guttural growls to shrill black metal screams, the vocals compliment the varied instrumental styles shown throughout the set list. With Iain Twiddy's experimental metal drumming with complex poly-rhythms and machine-gun blast beats, Robert Downs' varying bass lines from technical death to finger picked groove, and Rupert Camerons blackened shred lead guitar work, Enkrateia form together as one tight brutal metal machine.


The blackened death metal group Enkrateia was formed in the summer of 2008 by Guitarist Rupert Cameron from solo black metal project "Dragonamyss", and Bassist Robert Downs and Drummer Iain Twiddy from their previous technical death metal band "Psilocosis". All three members of Enkrateia share the vocals. With a musical upbringing of death metal, underground black metal, and grooved out heavy metal, Enkrateia explore numerous styles, all while staying brutal and innovative within the genre. Enkrateia has played numerous shows and have developed good work ethics as well as a defined live sound.


1. Endless Cycles
2. Doubt
3. Eyeless Sight
4. Dissemination
5. Black Rain

Set List

1.Endless Cycles
2.Eyeless sight
4.Black rain