Ennui is a spacey indie-pop band, rooted in the musical aesthetic of bands like Sigur Ros, Depeche Mode, The Beatles and The Notwist. Our influences are wide-ranging, but our goal is to create music that affects people on an emotional level while they're dancing along.


Ennui began with the confluence of four friends and acquaintances who shared a penchant for strong melody, noisy experimentation and shoegazing atmosphere. Forming in the summer of 2004, the band has quickly built a strong following in the Pittsburgh area, as well as Philadelphia and the areas in-between. While guitarist Dan Burgun and drummer/keyboardist Christopher McDonald alternate between creating subtle ambience and dense noise, singer Jim Doutrich and bassist Tori Fulkerson keep their feet rooted in pop firma, thus generating a solid harmonic and melodic foundation, while venturing into sonic dimensions not explored by most rock bands. Ennui's rigorous touring schedule has taken them throughout the eastern and mid-western parts of the United States, performing at such notable venues as The North Star in Philadelphia, The Knitting Factory in New York, the Onopa Brewery in Milwaukee, and Common Grounds in Gainesville. The band has also received a significant amount of airplay on specialty radio. Our new EP, Cry, is coming out in May and was recorded at Engine Studios in Chicago with producer/engineer extraordinairre, Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Califone, Iron & Wine).


Inchoate EP (2004) is our only release to date. Our next EP Cry, is scheduled to be released in June 2006. "Time & Place" and "Ruckus" from the Inchoate EP have received much airplay in specialty radio across the country, even charting in June 2005.

Set List

Our sets are generally 45 min- 1 hour, but we've played shorter ones. In our sets we try to keep the audience suprised so that attending many shows does not get monotonous. It also helps that our songs do not have one "sound," some are dancy, some folky, some ambient, some rock and roll.