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As an artist and CEO of pimp the game records records I want everyone to know that my intentions is not to glorify criminal lifestyles but to tell my story and the trials and tribulations that I had to endure during my 25 years on this earth. I was senteced 5 years in federal prison when I was 19 during that time I came up with the idea for pimp the game record the pimp stands for P.ositive I.ndividual M.aking P.rogress also proceeds from my album sells will go to my non profit organization called U.P. wich means U.nite or P.arish wich is an organization to build more black entrepenuers in the DC area. I also have a book that I wrote coming real soon intitled "Son Of a Gun" wich is the first of a trilogy.


Fresh out vol 1

Set List

time to get dis money
welcome to da strip