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ENOCH 7th PROPHET offers a deviation from today's mainstream rap artists. Instead of spitting anthems for the rich, famous, pimped-out and culturally inept, he remains committed to upliftment and advocacy for the underserved.


Close your eyes and listen to the energy of the drums. Grant your conscience permission to heighten your sensory. Allow the rhythm and vibe to move you mentally, physically and emotionally, mediating on the beat literally. This is how the notable Emcee, Enoch 7th Prophet, prepares himself to create new music to be embraced by the many followers who receive message-based music.

For over a decade, Enoch 7th Prophet has been the go-to host and musician for creative HipHop projects in the nation’s capital. The favored DC native has shared stages and packed venues with HipHop icons such as KRS-One, Redman, Keith Murray, Erick Sermon, Goodie Mob, and many more. Described as humble, laid back, and originative; Enoch takes on the persona of his inner voice when transforming in to the instant crowd and mic controller you see on stage.

Enoch 7th Prophet was a leader in the grass roots–style movement of independent releases, before iTunes, Tune Core, and Rhapsody, with 11 combined solo & group projects under his belt, Fickle Mind State, Aztec Planet, 7th Prophet, Tone Scientizit, Data Frequency, Balance Approach Vol 1, Electrik Sol Force, 3xDPE, No Beatz, Wizdom for the Streetz Vol 1 & 2, and his latest release, RETURN OF THE PROPHET, as well as multiple singles released independently such as the P.S.A, to show support for prostate cancer awareness.

Enoch received his early introduction to music through his family members who were also singing, playing instruments, and making music, which inspired the creative process that now demands the attention of crowds. At the young age of 12, Enoch became the youngest percussionist in a gospel group in DC, playing congas and then moving on to master bongos and drum sets. In his sophomore year at Voorhees College, South Carolina, the sociology major walked in to the band room and started playing the drums like a calling. By junior year he was the band director, teaching students to read and play music until graduating. Motivated by the 90’s influences such as Redman, KRS-One, Jeru the Damaja, Edo. G, Black Thought, jazz, funk, and mantra music, Enoch’s inclination towards HipHop music naturally grew, breaking through to reach the open minded, like a deep rooted tree to a concrete substrate.

Enoch 7th Prophet exhibits his rare art for balancing musical energy, galvanized by an ancestral background, through an unmatched strength to produce Voorhees College music with depth and significance, evoking excellence simplified in to one universal term, “Dope.” Listen to, RETURN OF THE PROPHET, Enoch’s latest masterpiece solo album on Bandcamp. (http://enoch7thprophet.bandcamp.com/) 


Mental Salvation

Written By: Enoch 7th Prophet

Verse 1
What i can to bring is Mental Salvation/Something thats missing in the radio rotation/always study pateince like a Shaolin monk/the beat was made to thump/in ya truck/produce by funk/transform to EL/All is well /How you manifest Heaven/when ya thoughts are Hell/Most seek after I/Like the Holy Grail/Held by Yeshua/Enoch got followers/Im a born Scholar/each and everyday i read spriture from the Torah/building up my aura/like a wise man alta/and when the time comes/i'll be a human flying saucer/Im a Freedom fighter when it comes to this/Mental Salvation for the masses...


Group Projects

Aztect Planet (2001)

Translation (2003)

Solo LP's

Fickle-Mind State (1998)

Tone Scientizit (2006)

Balance Approach Vol 1. (2007)

Data Frequency (2009)

Electriksolforce (2010)

NOBeatz, Wizdom for the Streetz Vol.1 (2012)

NOBeatz, Wizdom for the Streetz Vol. 2 (2012)

Return of the Prophet (2015)


7th Prophet EP (2004)

WizeMind (2012)


DJ Kash Monee Presents: "Dollars and Sense" mixtape vol. 1(2006) and 2 (2007)/Sony distribution

Adon Entertainment Presents:

"The Coming" TruSkool mixtape vol. 1 (2007)

Balance Approach: vol 1. (2007)


Live from the Block (2002) www.livefromtheblock.com

D en 'd At the Movies (2004) www.dendproductions.com

Times Like Deese (2011)  www.timeslikedeese.com


DMV 2006 Award winner for "Best Rap Group"

Set List

ENOCH 7th PROPHET w/ DJ KING CEE: 30min to 45min

Return of the Prophet


Tone Scientizt

Warriors Drum

The Memo



Keep'em High

Warriors Drum

OMMM Chant

We adjust to the crowd (no vular language). our set depends on what type of audience we are addressing, so the set list varies.