Enoch 7th Prophet & DJ Earth 1NE

Enoch 7th Prophet & DJ Earth 1NE

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if you are looking for that feeling of that Golden Era of Hiphop, then this is the Emcee and DeeJay Team, that will bring you that breath of fresh Air. Along with Mental Salvation,energy pack stage shows and outstanding showmanship.


Enoch the 7th Prophet offers a deviation from today's mainstream rap artists. Instead of spitting anthems for the rich, famous,pimped-out and culturally inept, he remains committed to upliftment and advocacy for the underserved. Yoga groupies who know what Kundalini is--the human spine that is believed to be the gateway to higher consciousness-- may find a certain affinity with the raps of 7th Prophet. Laying down lyrics that are filled with references to his Rastafarian religion, black pride, political revolutionaries and the plights of oppressed people internationally, 7th Prophet likes to make the distinction between being a rapper and embodying hip hop. Using KRS-One's words, he believes, Rap is something we do; Hip Hop is something we live.

What sets us apart from the average Hiphop group is...that fact that; Enoch is the only MALE EMCEE in the DC/MD/VA area with a FEMALE DEEJAY which is rare in this business. Enoch and DJ Earth 1NE want to put their best foot forward in a righteous effort in killing the negative, misogyny and violence against women in HipHop.
Enoch and DJ Earth 1NE stories are different but as a group our goals and values are the same. Since the start of her career, DJ Earth 1ne has fluxed from being both Promoter and Deejay, and has received much respect in the DC Hip Hop community for being both. While she continues to promote for major urban companies, her claim to fame is her skill on the 1’s and 2’s. She is the first female Deejay to be inducted by KRS-ONE into the Temple of Hip Hop.
Since, 2000 the two have worked together, dedicating their artistry to the ministry of Hip Hop, and have produced anthems that promote awareness, love, and social responsibility.
Enoch began writing rhymes at age 15. As a young member of the now-disbanded group, Total Kaos, Enoch took to the stage as Deejay Heath Cliff. During this formative period, Enoch started to develop his own unique rhyming style and learned how to deliver charged-anthems in school hallways, bathrooms, and even expanded to the public realm by performing on sidewalks during lunch breaks or beat boxin’ in a emcee cipher. After a year of rhyming with Total Kaos, Enoch, then Boogie, decided to explore Hip-Hop even further. In late 1992, Enoch joined emcee Kidd and together formed the group, Datzit. After a brief stint in the hip-hop world, Datzit disbanded in 1995. Enoch then took his rhymes to South Carolina, Voorhees College, specifically, where he pursued the fitting study of Sociology. There he was introduced to emcee FREEDOM BLACK who, in turn introduced him to producer EL-RA iz FONK C. In late 1997, FONK C produced Enoch's first tape, "Fickle-Mind State," which unfortunately slipped through the cracks of the Hip-hop streets. Upon Enoch's 2000 graduation, he returned to his home—DC, and with the help of best friend, now Dee Jay EARTH1NE, started to work with fellow starving artist VERSE-ALL. The two formed CULTURE CYPHA within a year. Their first release, "Aztect Planet," was received well in the DC Hip-hop world.
This success brought many radio spins and shows for CULTURE CYPHA. Then, in 2003, CULTURE CYPHA released their second LP entitled, "Translations.�
CULTURE CYPHA was also featured in "Live from the Block," a DVD featuring some of the dopiest emcees in DC Underground Hip-hop. In 2004, Enoch released his much awaited EP, "7th Prophet,� which was very successful for him; gaining Enoch popularity on the radio and on campuses in DC. Enoch's underground single, "Rasta Imposter" was hand-picked to be on a nation-wide mix-tape entitled, "Dollars and Sense" pt. 2, by DJ Kash Monee and distributed by Sony Music. DJ Kash Monee has also called on Enoch to host "Dollars and Sense" mix-tape pt.3, which should be out in January, 2007. In 2005, Enoch was signed to the independent record label, "Keep it Forward Records," based in Atlanta, Georgia. He continues to have successes through his label.
During his underground career, Enoch has been a headlining act for Legendary Artists such as: Jeru the Damja, Krs-One, Wise Intelligent, Busy Bee, Just Ice, Akir, Ed. OG, Goodie Mob, Keith Murray, Redman, Lone Catalysts,Rass Kass, Master Ace, Professor Griff of Public Enemy,NYOIL,Immortal Technique and the list goes on!!!!!.


DMV 2006 Award winner for "Best Rap Group"
#1 Podcast of the Year Award 2008

Solo Projects:

Fickle-Mind State (1998)
7th Prophet EP (2004)
Tone Scientizit (2006)
Data Freq. (2009)
Sun Papers (Winter 09')
Metatron Lp (Spring 09')

Group Projects:

Aztect Planet (2001)
Translation (2003)
The Coming Mix-tape Vol.1 (2007)
Balance Approach (Fall 08')


DJ Kash Monee Presents:
Den'D at the Movies mixtape (2004)
Dollars and Sense mixtape vol. 2 (2006)
DJ Kash Monee Presents: Dollars and Sense Mixtapevol. 3 (2007)/Sony distribution
DawnDieen "Ghosty Apple Tree" *Run* (2007)
Brother Manaic DMV All-stars *Roll with Us* (2008)

Live from the Block (2002) www.livefromtheblock.com
D en'd At the Movies (2004)

Set List

DJ Earth 1NE will take the crowd through a musical jounary of old skool Hiphop, RnB and Soul Classics. Then bring them up to the current status of Music which will take about 10-20mins. During this musical jounary enoch will command the crowds attention on the classics.By rocking the party.

after that the real show will began with:
Dope E.M.C.E.E
Tone Scientizt
Direction 04'
Mental Salvation

Our set can range from 15-30mins.

We also do Parties!!! DJ Earth 1ne and Enoch 7th Prophet on the MiC!