Enois Scroggins

Enois Scroggins


Lead & Background vocalist also a percussionist, Producer and song writer.


Enois Scroggins as been a performer most of his life. He started his professional career over 10 years ago. He has work with greats such as Jazz saxophonist Branford Marsalis, Ronnie Wilson of the famous musical group "Gap Band" Charlie Singleton lead guitarist of the group "Cameo". Enios was the lead singer for "Uncle Remus of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Presently he is performing with Ruby Love & The Love Family also a Gospel Trio "Family Friend" of Wichita, Kansas. A native of Oklahoma he moved to Los Angeles then to Wichita Kansas where he is presenly residing.


His first CD title "Heavenly Blessed" release January 2002 and winner for Best Gospel Contemporary Song of the Year at the 2002 and 2003 Omer Awards, Kansas City, Mo. He co-wrote several songs on Rudy Love & The Family's CD titled "Infinite Love" Enois won the Wichita TalentFest 2003. In Jun 2003 he apperared on Straight Talk KTQW channel 53 out of Wichita Kansas, and KTBO TV 14 out of Oklahoma City. He as also appeared on the New Jim Bakker TV Show 3 & 4 June 2004 in Branson Mo. and perform the Rap artist LAVA at the Omer Awards Show 2005. He presently an affiliate with Slam Records Inc. Enois released one Cd with the Trio "Family Friend" called "Standing BY"the title song written by Enois hit the charts and was played on radio stations worldwide. He is now Ministering as a solo Artist around the country and where ever the Lord has a open door.