Joe Nuttall & Enola Fall

Joe Nuttall & Enola Fall

 Hobart, Tasmania, AUS

Joe Nuttall & Enola Fall are... Tasmanian genre ninjas. Mixing up indie and folk sounds in a cabaret blender, and presenting it in a fearsome and visceral stage show. Obviously the best thing to come out of Hobart since Pinot Noir and cannibalism.


A well guarded secret, Joe Nuttall & Enola Fall have been Tasmania’s private phenomenon since 2005.

But now, armed with a brand new album out nationally on MGM come January 2009, they have pierced the fog of isolation that surrounds the Southern-most state.

The Hobart based 5-piece is on the warpath north, mounting a national tour in January/February to bring their GLORIOUS FIVE-YEAR PLAN to the people – a 10 track LP, the perfect evocation of the band’s howling, cabaret lashed indie pop.

Dressed not in the tourniquet tight drainpipes and Camden cool of the indie trend, but looking like something out of a 1920s Magritte painting, all bowler hats and menace, Joe Nuttall & Enola Fall have a sound that makes you think of Tom Waits drinking with the Arcade Fire or of Sufjan Stevens singing for the Dresden Dolls.

Joe Nuttall (beloved dictator, fearless leader) spearheads this assault. Switching between piano, banjo, guitar and a metal bucket, Joe smashes the wall between audience and musician until the crowd is both an observer and performer.

Since forming, Joe Nuttall & Enola Fall have collected a huge CV that includes... Touring Europe with UK band Turin Brakes, Supporting The Panics, Architecture in Helsinki, Eskimo Joe, Something for Kate and the Violent Femmes, Recording a live set for Triple J with producer Chris Thompson, picking up the ‘best indie pop’ award in the 2008 Amplified Awards and being the first Tasmanian band to play both Lorne and Marion Bay Falls festivals.

Utterly enigmatic, clearly unique, Joe Nuttall and Enola Fall present the new vision of their GLORIOUS FIVE-YEAR PLAN album and national tour this coming January.


We Become Wolves

Written By: Joe Nuttall

Can’t keep time we’re always sleeping
Can't see a thing we're always dreaming.
Out in the sun where i begged your pardon
and fell asleep out in your garden.

Will the trees come up and stand behind me?
Now I live in the forest, and you can't find me
And when I dream I see dead oceans
and still watch my hands for a revolution.

Don’tstopstopstart don’tstopstart god knows.


It always comes to this - 2003
We never sleep - 2005
I made a new friend e.p - 2007
Glorious Five-Year Plan - 2009

Set List

Full band - all original material - 1st set

1. We become wolves: Fast indie rock.
2. I will raise an army: Fast indie rock.
3. Brief lives: Folkish tinged pop.
4. Sorry, I was miles away Cabaret style rock.
5. Where good songs go to die: Alt folk.
6. Black blood: Slow indie rock.
7. Wisdomtooth: Dance tinged rock.
8. Soldiers: Fast indie rock.
9. Jerusalem: Dance tinged rock.
10. I made a new friend (solo encore)
11. Let the peasants drown: Cabaret rock.
12. It's raining again: Folkish indie.
13. Carnival: Dark folk.
Total length - 1 hour, 5 mins