Enough is a high-octane jam rock band hailing from Northwest Ohio. Featuring rocking hook-friendly original songs mixed with improvisation and a unique approach to cover songs, each Enough show is an experience in and of itself.

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This Dance

Written By: Enough

And so I hear there's some affliction on the vista
Overseas God knows that we've seen better days
If it got you down, well let this be your anesthesia
Let us wash it all away

Lose yourself and catch a healthy dose of freedom
Ease your mind and arch your back some more my way
Drop your inhibitions here 'cuz you won't need 'em
I won't leave until you stay

May I have this dance? and show you what I mean
May I have this dance? and sweep you off your feet
If I had the chance, well one is all I need
This dance could set me free

Trouble comes my way, the wheel gets hard to steer
C'est la vie but what I need is all right here
Catch your breath, now rest but don't just let it slide
This dance could last all night

What Comes Next

Written By: Enough

Tell me what comes next
It's anybody's guess, whoa

Times I've learned to step aside
Watch it all go by and just ride on
But not today, I'll hit the brakes

Bend her out of shape as we ride on
Intertwined, unrefined
Our limit's far beyond the sky
I'm the chill, down your spine
Ain't no tellin what we'll find

Paradise, sweet demise
A lovely little prize keeps knockin'
Me and you, we lit the fuse
Once it starts there ain't no stoppin'

Come with me, now don't delay
Time's a petty price to pay
Let me loose, kill the pain
Soon I'll have you scream the name

Blindfolded behind the wheel
Precious heart I'd love to steal
Steam the glass, break the seal
Don't need words, I just need you to feel

Ted Dancin' in Eb

Written By: Enough

Teddy's dancin' on the walls now
Had 'em some captain and more
He won't answer that last call, man
Till he's passed out on the floor

Teddy's hoppin on the good foot
To do the bad thing as they say
Oh, he's got that look in his eye
Hey Teddy, dance the night away

Ted Dancin', dance the night away

Teddy's chillin' at the bar now
He's got his pita in hand
Five foot five, she was feelin' on him
Her name was Rita Shazam

Teddy's dancin' like a fool now
But he don't feel no shame
Hey Teddy, everything is cool now
Where everybody knows your name

Ted Dancin', dance the night away

Teddy's dancin' like a fool now
But he don't feel no shame
We can't stop him, don't know how
Stupid questions are to blame


The Concept EP-6 song demo

Set List

Setlists vary by show...many cover songs can be combined through improvisational segues, for example Bathtub Gin > Axel F > Yes! I am a long way from home or Tube > Jurassic Park Theme > Tube
Originals-This Dance, Thousand Trains, What Comes Next, Ted Dancin' in Eb, Vivid Dreams, Let Me Know, Peace of Mind, Organic Techno
Phish-Tube, Bathtub Gin, Lawn Boy
Hendrix-Purple Haze, Foxey Lady
Led Zeppelin-The Ocean, D'yer Mak'er, When the Levee Breaks
Mogwai-Yes! I am a long way from home
Movie songs-Jurassic Park Theme, Take My Breath Away, Axel F
Weezer-Undone, El Scorcho
Blues Traveller-Hook
Rage Against the Machine-Killing in the Name
Ramones-Blitzkreig Bop
Rolling Stones-You Can't Always Get What You Want
Bob Dylan-Like a Rolling Stone
Ween-Roses Are Free
The Police-So Lonely