Imagine music that's a hard hitting mixture of celtic rock with a pop sensibilty that can get audiences up on their feet. You don't have to; enQ play a vital hybrid of world and celtic influenced songs and insrtumentals with jazz, rock and latin thrown in for good measure.


Tired of the same old indie clichés? Weekend warriors who recycle the same old stuff and expect you to fall down at their feet to worship their mediocre posturing?

Why not go back to the source, the wellspring of popular music played by a group of experienced professional musicians who have performed their music all over the world.

enQ play an accessible fusion of progressive / celtic / roots inspired rock with a touch of progressive, world and latin influences. The mix of songs and instrumentals give the set a wide dynamic and hit the audiences 'dance' button.

enQ was formed as the result of a chance conversation between veteran Australian folk/rocker Brian Heywood and up-and-coming English fiddler Vicky Brown after a gig near London in 2000. Vicky remarked how it’d be great to get ‘this kind of music’ out to a wider audience. The “kind of music” she was referring to was a dance oriented fusion of funk, roots and rock music. Thus enQ was born.

Eight years later the line up has changed but the band is still going strong with festival live venue performances in England, India and Australia under their collective belts.

The band’s name enQ [pronounced eee-en-cue] means, well, nothing at all really. We wanted a name that was easy to remember but didn’t signify anything. Okay, the band is energetic, and noisy, and a Quintet but this is just a coincidence really.


Tear Down the Barriers (CD) - POKE Records 2002
Live at Dunstable Festival (DVD) - POKE Records 2005

Set List

We have songs and tunes suitable for all occasions and venues with a mix of original songs, celtic influenced instrumentals even a few covers

- Draw the Line
- The Reverend Sharpton
- Turn the Tide
- The Glory Road
- The Wind is Howling

- L&D Set
- Youngest Daughter
- Man in a Brown Hat

- Come Together (Beatles)
- Honky Tonk Women (Rolling Stones / Gram Parsons)
- Is She Really Going Out with Him? (Joe Jackson)
- Weather with You (Crowded House)