ensemble baronjanos

ensemble baronjanos


The Baron Janos Ensemble play traditional gypsy, folk, country, light classical, jazz & international music and feature their our own compositions.


Four Hungarian Gypsies, who play the music of their homeland as well as that of the world's famous composers. Their own compositions are often featured, particularly those of 'Baron Janos', taken from the stage and film musical 'The Gypsy Love Story.' Born musicians all have play since childhood.


The Baron Janos Ensemble have released several CD's. including the featured songs and music from the multi-lingual musical 'Gypsy Love Story'. New recordings to be released soon on completion of latest film version.
CD: Gypsy Baron - 'Wonderful' (16 Tracks)
CD: Gypsy Baron - 'Janos Csikos' (17 Tracks)
CD: Gypsy Baron - 'Gypsy Love Story' (8 Tracks)

Set List

The on stage times range from 1:30mins to 3hrs, performed in sets of 30 minutes. Recent shows have included a special 25 min set featuring the songs and music from the stage musical Gypsy Love Story' and includes the following:
'I Feel So Good With You'
'You Are All Welcome In My Café'
'All alone'
'In The Night Of Moonlight'
'Never Again, No More, It Is Finished'
'Gypsy Play A Song For Me'
'For You I Waited Far Too Long'
'Peace I Will Never Find'.