Our playing style is so diverse that we can play as hard as Slayer and as melodic as Pink Floyd. We rely on feel and emotions, and our music expresses reality with hope.


Each member brings to the band an array of unique and diverse influences. Ranging from Santana, Pink Floyd, and The Doors, to Metallica, Black Sabbath, and Sepultura. Our diversity sets us a part from other bands as well as our ability to create good old fashion rock'n'roll.


Set You Free

Written By: Ensoma

Where you going can I come along
What’s the matter are you gonna be scared
Fire, flames, dust, and ash
Where you going I’m gonna make it up to you

How we’ve changed and so fast
It seems just like yesterday
With my arms around you
We were so pure and innocent

Pre-chorus - Drunk with love and so full of life
We took ourselves to another heaven
Those feelings died and we’ve moved on

Chorus- Now I’ve set you free, yeah free
Now I’ve set you free, yeah free
Now I’ve set you free

Some may say that it was meant to be
I don’t think that they anything
Shed my care, your affair
Burying your words they’ve gone away

Tides swell and they don’t hint a thing
I release are you gonna stay free
As you ran, I demand
Sometimes you just have to let it go

End - Don’t come running back to me
Set you Free

Turn around, leave walk away from me
I don’t want to look I don’t want to see
All my wealth standing there
Temptation but I don’t even dare

Wind down it fades our company
You and I can we believe anything
Choose and shun, thought we’d won
We realized their isn’t anymore


Written By: Ensoma

Take a look at me
And confidently tell me something
Are you pleased with everything you do

I like the three piece suit
But you don’t have to wear it for them
Just because they make all the rules

Pre-chorus - Fight
The Grain

Chorus - Pressure day by day
We succeed at only
Clock in time is green
Don’t forget your only savior

How much do you need
Rooms so full of so much nothing
You must have a big family

And what about you heirs
What are they doing when you’re not there
Ever think that they might be scared

I think I’m getting sick
You won’t even talk to strangers
Can’t be seen by the poor

I will laugh on the sand
Knowing what you can’t admit
You will have nothing when you die


Written By: Ensoma

I’ve been betrayed before
I’ve been so deceived
I’ve been scarred
But for some reason I trust you
And I don’t know why
But I don’t care
Maybe you can join me
On my journey to paradise
Where we experience freedom
Where we experience freedom
And lie in the bed of tranquility

Chorus - In your eyes 2x
There soars a fire inside
It gives me hope
And keeps my dreams burns so alive
Will you come and save me
Am I so naive
Can you lend me a cure for my disease

I’ve been depressed and weak
I’ve been far and lost
I’d give up everything
But should I stay and chance you
Will we make a match
And will we fly away
Take me to a far off land
Sanctuary’s plain



Three songs have been released to the public: "Sessions", "Companion", and "Set You Free".
These three songs are available on MP3.com.

Set List

Our sets are aprox. 45-50 minutes in length.

Our songs include:
Set You Free
The Window
Drenched and Bleeding
Pretty Girl
When Love Dies
Unshed Tears
Hollow Drowning.

Cover songs include:
"Part of Me" by Tool
"Fire" by Jimi Hendrix.

*Songs from System of a Down and Nirvana to be determined.