Enter Ghost

Enter Ghost


We are 5 young guys set on doing something different. We like to stand out from the rest of the pack and do our own thing. We've been most accurately described as post-hardcore with some electronic aspects mixed in.


Enter Ghost consists of 5 guys from Whitby, Ontario. Set on doing something different, the band draws influences from various genres. A diverse range of vocals from 3 members make this band a unique experience. With already a self-released EP and a handful of self-booked tours under their belts, Enter Ghost is eagerly looking towards the future. Simply put; we're young, we're different, we like to have fun.


Time To Leave, Dr. Doak

Written By: Mathieu Aubin, Christian Drake, Scott Girouard

Put the gun to her head,
Watch her as she screams "I surrender!"
breathing, feel your heart beating faster now,
How did we get

Planning every step strategically
Nobody will even hear her
"What will be your final words?"

A perfect smile, who would have
guessed what you were hiding.
The lies you told weren't enough to make this

Your eyes shined brighter than these stars,
Until I found my hands
embraced around your neck.

She never thought it'd come down to this,
As the
barrel was placed up to her head.
Wash the blood away in this river.

struggles are hopeless now,
No one can hear you scream.
I always knew
jealousy was sinful,
But I never thought it would come to this.

He Used To Play Baseball

Written By: Mathieu Aubin, Christian Drake, Scott Girouard

These dimmer skies now turned red
Will paint the streets where we used to
With such passion and hope
As this season comes to an end

Dear you,
last night was the end of all this
As a forgotten summer comes to an

These dimmer skies now turned red
Will paint these streets where we
used to stand
With such passion and hope
As this season comes to an

Last night, I returned to where we first met
Just to remember how it
all felt
The green meadows of this small town
Where we used to sit and watch
as the stars go by
Have never felt so empty

As the streetlights brighten
the way to this ending season
I tilt my head up and gaze at the stars shining
If any of this made sense, then it could be explained
But i know this
change will be the best thing for me

To write you this letter, hoping you
could remember
The summer where we fell apart, and forgot each other

And as
the sun rises at dawn
I will return to this place nevermore
And my voice will
speak of a new hope
I now know everything will be okay

Fluff My Pillow, Baby

Written By: Mathieu Aubin, Christian Drake, Scott Girouard

These shadows hide your face
from across the dance floor tonight

there's no reason to hide from me
and you should feel no insecurities
you've got so much sex appeal
and I know how to make you feel

you want
this, and i can see it
In your eyes there lies a secret
And you can make it
feel so good

No promises to be kept
just don't look back tonight

you've got the best moves
and this is where you take my hand and say

It was on that night when I saw you dancing
Your body moving was so
A night full of romance and passion
With lights off, feeling so

On that night we could never lose this desire
I can see it now, you
want this,
there's too much lust

As you look in my eyes,
I can see
how much you want this moment
to feel alive, so let's go

We so need
as your lips touch mine
I can see it in your eyes

Our eyes will
But it won't be love at first sight
We can pretend
Just for

Screaming for more
Just for tonight
Feel it coming
Just for

"Honestly, we're nothing more than strangers
And you and I knew i
was only looking to score"

Two colours for a beard?

Set List

Usually a 30 min. set mixing old and new songs. 6 songs is a typical set length.