Enter Medic

Enter Medic



Having started as a 6 piece in early 2010, Enter Medic has honed in on its sound that they believe to be – genuine music by genuine people. After having gone through several line-up changes and a six month hiatus what now remains is that of the three piece; Edward, Matthew, and Paulie. Ed having worked on his own solo project, Heard on the Radio, took EM as an additional project to be apart a fu...ll band as vox/guitar. Matt coming from Newfoundland offers a strong place in band holding them in place as the bassist. And Paulie who found his way to Edmonton for school, would always be involved in a musical project as a drummer. While EM’s influences stem from Matthew Good and Death Cab for Cutie, it is not their intent to recreate but instead create what has yet to be done. But while in a culture that is overwhelmed with pounding dub bass, EM tries to create balance by representing the underground indie music. Playing what they describe as genuine music.

Set List

Greater Day Then Today
Tripoli (Matthew Good Cover)
Eye Games and E
Constellations Switch-Phase