My music is designed according to real life experiences that have changed or influence me in some way or another.I believe in the power of crafting my music through raw emotion in my writing with my expressions in my inner being.


"Sayna" born, in Mississauga,Ontario,Canada. Sayna is of diverse ethnicity which includes a mixture of African, Western Indian, and Latin culture. She started scribing music since the early age of twelve. Her music allows her the way to put pain into perspective and at times celebrate some of the joy in her life.

Life is so wonderful and so heartbreaking. Sometimes I feel like I've been through it all. Then I find out there's more to accept. A thousand heartbreaks, and disappointments, really and I mean really only strengthen the spirit. and even more so amazingly, the sweetness of life and love enriches the soul even more profoundly, especially when we pay attention. Itry to remember that always. Almost everything that was ever going on in my life, then and now has been expressed, written somewhere in the form of poetry, a song, quote, maybe a letter or a reflection of some kind.

Singing for me has become a valuable tool for telling my truths, and I've fallen in love with the excitement, the emotion and the exhilaration of entertaining a new way, "my way". I feel incredibly blessed for that, and incredibly blessed for the people that have helped nurture that huge but delicate side to my self." Honesty is the way to staying in touch with who we truely are."



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