Enter The Rooms

Enter The Rooms


A Philadelphia based group who combines elements of indie, classic rock, and experimental to create a distinct sound that manages to remain surprisingly familiar.


What is modern rock anyway? Some might say that it's a genre of music that's always being reinvented. It's up to the artists to try and set the course, and it's up to the listeners to accept or reject that course. But with so many new rock bands today things can get a bit confusing.

Sometimes a band comes along that stands out from the crowd, and sometimes that band actually has the potential to change a tired scene, modernize a sound, and get people excited again about rock music. This is Enter The Rooms, a collaborative effort between five musicians, each with different musical backgrounds, but with connections that go back many years.

Every band has a story to tell, and the Enter The Rooms' tale starts in Philadelphia. Matt D and Matt M were typical Philly suburbanites who spent their younger years playing in bands. However, when the inevitability of college set in they parted ways and ventured into new musical directions. While at college in Philly, Matt D met Mikie and they started a band, gained lots of fans, got a record contract, played countless shows together, and eventually dissolved. The Matt's stayed in touch, and after Matt M's group disbanded, Matt D brought him in to start writing songs with Mikie. After working together for a few months, the guys made tremendous progress, but they realized that they were missing the final element. Enter Jamal Evans; an untapped resource; a guy who, after the others first heard him play refused to believe that he had never taken a drum lesson or even owned a drum set. With Jamal's style rounding out a tight rhythm section, they built upon a sound that was heavy on layered melodic technique and lyrical prowess, yet surprisingly accessible and catchy.

So where does their story go from here? Only time will tell. But for now, they're continuing to write new music and gain new fans every day the old-fashioned way; through hard work and determination. How do their fans define their sound? Sometimes loud, sometimes soft, their sound is energetic, full of heart and mature in spirit. Combining elements of indie and classic rock, hip hop, metal, neo-soul, and more, Enter The Rooms has a distinct sound that manages to remain surprisingly familiar. Many people have simply said that while they are unique, they ultimately represent the quintessential modern rock band.

To hear it is to believe it, and to see them live is to understand why. To their fans, they have this to say…"Question the ordinary and keep pushing further." Close your eyes, take a breath, and Enter the Rooms.


C Scope (2008 3 song sampler)
Live at the Grape (2008 live performance)
Single "Without You" played regularly on Delaware's own 97.5wstw

Set List

Set list (all original):
I found you
Part of Me
Make light work for the stone man
Without You