Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

We are a pre-post experimental jazzmanian metal/psycheprogtronica group based in Cincinnati, OH.


Our music lies mostly within and around the realms of alternative, jazz fusion, electronica, and some progressive rock/metal. Some of our biggest influences include Phish, Rush, Dream Theater, Radiohead, Porcupine Tree, Yes, Fleet Foxes, and Bon Iver. Our first official release, "The Jello EP", is available now for free!



Written By: Patrick Hennekes

Behold this mystery without tool
Be sound and guarantee no work of fool
To ignore pursuit of lucid truth is to trust lust
Escape deceit and
Don't drown the crown
Take your seat on the ground
under the oak tree where the owl sings
Within crystal silence,
all the essence of its call
can be heard
You will learn

Don't shroud the brow
Take your bow to the clouds
Light is the consciousness of the sky
Free the eye
Cultivate the vast cosmic crop,
plant the seed of cosmic vine
It will grow,
You will know

Let it grow
Learn to know
Without tool

Romance of Value

Written By: Corey Shrader

How warped be my judgment
When all catalysts retract
Merely hindrances to fact

If there were somehow a way
I would sacrifice passion
If it were given to you
And I would grow like a stone
So that you may blossom

A night of expression
A glorious time
We picked the right pieces
We didn’t force rhymes

If there was a way to relive that day
I’d give it all for you to stay
To stay a pearl
To always be
I’d grow and rot
And face the sea

Wake up, the water’s warm
The normal noises lost their form
Let’s trace our names into the sand
We’ll face the waters hand in hand


The Jello EP:
1. Intuition
2. Romance of Value
3. Let

Set List

Original songs still actively played include:

Romance of Value
Sun Sprite


"Fly By Night"- Rush
"Peace Frog"- The Doors
"Manic Depression"- Jimi Hendrix
"The Seeker"- The Who
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"- Yngwie Malmsteen