Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

entheos is a hybrid of Electronic Rock with Trip-Hop grooves. Strong vocal harmonies and beat-driven songs give entheos a unique sound. The two vocalists are brother/sister, and the instrumentation consists of keys, guitars, programming, and drums.


"Dream Pop”

A love for deep grooves anchors entheos while they dress their songs with shimmering acoustic pop hooks. Tight melodic vocal harmonies evoke the popular Greenwich Village sounds of the 1960’s, while indie rock and Britpop inform their music. entheos claims influences as diverse as Toto, Roni Size, Doves, Muse, Massive Attack, Air, 311, Pink Floyd, and the Beatles.

Dream Pop best describes their actual musical niche, earning entheos superlative comparisons to Mazzy Star, Everything but the Girl and Mojave 3.

This brother and sister team have been singing together since grade school. “For us, performing together is a really natural thing,” says Carl. “It’s a kind of dynamic conversation, between each other and our audience. Though I’m also a visual artist, I realize that words and music are sometimes a more powerful form of communication,” Alison explains.

Since their first show in 2001, entheos has played at varied venues around Greater Cincinnati, including: The Southgate House, The Contemporary Arts Center, The Carnegie Arts Center, Enjoy the Arts, The Artery, Madison Theatre, Plush, Arnold's, Mammoth Coffee, Courtyard Cafe, and York St. Cafe.

The band released their self-titled album, entheos, on the 23rd of October 2004 at the York St. Cafe.

Duos and Dichotomies

Listening to the band you get a sense of their expansive emotional territory:
Bliss and sorrow, sadness and wonder.
College professors would call this a dichotomy, or perhaps even a paradox.
But Alison and Carl aren’t seeking intellectual answers. entheos is looking to pull something deeper from their passionate audience, something from within, using sound.

entheos and Etymology
Spirit and enthusiasm are energies the band and their audience share for one another, and also contribute to the meaning of entheos, both as a word and a musical force. entheos has in fact, derived their name from the greek etymological root of the word, enthusiasm.
Because of that spirit and enthusiasm, entheos enjoys a growing and returning crowd. For the band, playing to their audience isn’t just another gig. “It’s a real event, a happening,” Carl says. Continues Alison, “It’s something special. We’re making an authentic connection with our audience every time.”




Written By: entheos

Sunlight, moonlight
We know light will prevail
Faith will not fail
Let your heart sail
Why worry?

Fire, Water
Starts great it keeps getting better
Explosions whatever
Strung by a tether
Why worry?

Some things aren't worth
Going out of your mind
If you're feeling love
Then yourself you will find

Feeling, numbing
Somehow we must succeed
Try to believe
That you must grieve
Why worry?

Some things aren't worth
Going out of your mind
If you're feeling love
Then yourself you will find

It will be alright
It may not seem alright
Believe love will find
It's destined path to you


Written By: entheos

Love's invitation
Beauty unfolds
All of creation
Essence of old
Fashioning the mold
Beckoning the bold

One transmutation
Led into gold
Unions untold
Universe explodes
Alchemy implodes


Written By: entheos

Had a conversation with myself
Just trying to make a good thing from nothing
Best Discussion I'd had all day
If everyone could just do one thing
Ooo, Listening, Ooo, Is Everything

I don't need someone in my life
I just need everyone
I don't need something in my life
I just need everything

Wholeness longs to fill empty space
Words we will share binds we'll break
The branches dressed in the vine
Will bear fruit in time
Time, Listening, Ooo, Is Everything


Separate lives will lose breath
Commune and rejoice
We'll breathe once again



entheos EP released Oct. 23rd 2004
entheos/sense released Sept. 12th 2009

Set List

Originals - Soul Kiss, Mecca, UR1, Sunlight, Twilight Tears, Walking, Zoning Six, I Fly, Completely Welcome, Ice Strings, Living the Songs, Alchemy, Lost, The Game, Without A Clue, Colours, The Pledge, Everything, Tremulous

Covers - My Generation by Starfield, There Goes the Fear by Doves