Entrance is a new and unique alternative rock band that strives to make music that any type of fan can feel drawn into.


Shayne Herbert and Dave Reese started very young jamming together, even before they could really play or sing. Once they took years mastering their God-given talents, they had dreamed of starting a rock band. In early 2011 the dream came true little by little. The founding members Shayne Herbert and Dave Reese began the journey by combining their different styles and sounds of rock; Dave being influenced by 70's rock and hard rock, and Shayne by modern rock, metal, and alternative rock. After working consistently at writing and practicing Entrance was blessed at a perfect time with guitarist Matt Mason. Talented and wide ranged bassist Tom Littwin also throws a ton of variety into the band. Entrance strives to write a unique sound of rock, that a fan of any type of rock or metal can feel led into! Entrance cannot wait to share its music with the world!


His Way Single- January 1st 2012

Not Forgotten Single- February 1st 2012

Not Forgotten EP: April 15th 2012

Set List