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Bogotá, Colombia | Established. Jan 01, 2005 | SELF

Bogotá, Colombia | SELF
Established on Jan, 2005
Band Metal Rock




"Entropia - Evolve"

The first time I’ve heard about Entropia, was through an e-mail by one of the band members from Opensight in the city of Colombia and he asked if I could review one of their debut albums, Simetria. It was an offer, I couldn’t refuse. Now even though I have mixed opinions about downloads and iTunes which I don’t want to get into the politics about it, I thought their debut album released in 2010, was pretty good.

Carrying the sounds of Progressive Metal like no other with weird time signatures, growling voices and storytelling complex that would make it a perfect concept album, now in the year of our lord 2012, they released an EP called Evolve and it shows that while they have a long way to go, they have shown that they are not giving up. Thoughts Confined, the new song, which is a video you can find on Facebook and on YouTube as well, is a rapid yet poundering eruption that is completely a well-balanced shredded roar.

With its growling vocals and guitar sound doing lead solos, will remind listeners and metal headbangers including prog fans of Mastodon and an earlier prog death metal thrash version of Opeth’s Mikael Akerfeldt. And even though the music video shows a man in a strait-jacket trying to break free from the asylum, shows that Entropia that they’re giving MTV, the middle finger. They still carry a bit of the heavy atmosphere and adding a bit of the synthesizers to the core to make it sound power metal and sounding like its 1984 all over again.

Example, Burden which opens the EP, carries a bit of the Power Metal sound with a bit of vengeance. The keyboards are like a hard energetic force in the power that Entropia have brought to the table and in their sound and vision. But they have brought the heavy guitar rumbling with a dosage of fantasy and mellowing passage way to stream like a bullet train going along for the ride.

As for Fragmented, which has this futuristic thrash attitude of anger that is very sci-fi and twisted compositions with the usage of the guitar and keyboards setting the atmosphere to a thunderous finale to close the curtains with a flash of lightning, Entropia’s new EP is a very powerful yet wonderous adventure of the progressive metal sound in the scene in Colombia. And while they are carrying the sounds of Opeth and Dream Theater, I imagine they listened to Mastodon’s Leviathan before working on the EP. This is a listenable metallic playthrough album from start to finish, yet you might want to fasten your seat belts to enjoy the ride. - MUSIC FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM

"Entropia: Evolve"

Following on from the Entropia debut album Simetria (which was available as a free download), comes the Evolve EP, which finds this band of Colombian prog-metallers stretching their sound out in a variety of directions. Simetria, strong though it was, found Entropia happy to stay within the safe confines of what the prog-metal elite had set out, with numerous references to Dream Theater, Pain Of Salvation or Symphony X being prevalent throughout. However Evolve lives up to its name, evolving into a more metallic beast, whilst also adding deeper, richer melodies to the band's previous outlook.

To sample the meatier side of things, hurtle into "Thoughts Confined", which marries growled shouts, with stunning, clean harmony vocals. Brutal riffs with sumptuous keyboards. And pummelling drums with light cymbal splashes and pings. Not bad for a five minute jaunt! On the other hand "Stream", of which there is a full and edited version included, is sleeker and altogether more refined, with the keys moving to the forefront, jostling with staccato bursts of guitars. This time however the melodious vocals and dancing bass line win through, making for a song that verges on the epic, while remaining a fair distance away from overly bombastic. The other two tracks "Fragmented" and "Burn" sit somewhere in between the out and out metal with a hint of prog and the prog with a hint of metal that their song-mates offer, making for tight, focused music that still dazzles with its dexterity, while appealing to those of a more song based nature.

There's enough provided on the four individual songs presented here to suggest that Entropia are not a million miles away from coming up with something pretty special. Evolve isn't quite it, but that doesn't stop this EP, in a genre where both of these are becoming increasingly rare commodities, from being a release with bags of character and the odd glimpse of something ever so slightly different. In itself that is a recommendation.

Track Listing
1. Fragmented
2. Burden
3. Thoughts Confined
4. Stream
5. Stream (Radio Edit) - SEA OF TRANQUILITY

"Entropia – Simetria"

Entropia is a band from Colombia. The make Progressive Metal and just released their debut album called “Simetria”.

As this is probably not the most expected country to receive a lot of metal from, recently we got some more out of Colombia coming in. Entropia might share their debut with us, but you may overcome your expectation sooner than later when it comes to this band. They know how to built up their songs well, taking their time for it. They have a good vocalist, one that might have to find a way to keep you interested on a longer term though. Eventually you know too soon about his range and tricks, nothing new more to come so a little bit of variation would perhaps give some extra spice to the release. On the growls they might go a bit deeper as well. Furthermore this album is quite decent. Good one to keep your eyes on. This is just the start. As the band find a way to make it more bombastic, more diverse there are great world getting open for them, but for a debut album this band has delivered a good product. Good to know for fans of the genre. The band gives away a download link on their own MySpace blog, so it’s easy to get the download the album and see for yourself how much you like them. - TEMPELORES

"Entropia - Simetria"

Are Entropia following in the footsteps of Dream Theater? That might be a risky question to ask from a prog-fan including myself. The reason it’s a risky question because the Progressive Metal scene comes with a mighty bang – heavy guitar riffs that are melodic and classical, story-complex concept albums and you have your admirers including: High Tide, Rush, Uriah Heep, Queensryche, and Opeth to name a few. It’s not like the genre has found a new audience, but for Colombian band, Entropia are probably the next Dream Theater, then the Progressive Metal genre is being a force-like beginning for fans.

Here’s a band that have a debut album that knows their traditions in the Colombian state. It is boarded in Venezuela by the east while its northwestern republic in South America between Peru and Ecuador. This helps Entropia take the music to bring peace to their hometown in Bogota. This is Prog as it gets. Simetria (Symmetry) gives an A+ and it needs a lot of good grades, even though for the direct approach and mind-boggling power, it takes a lot of power for the compositions to give it a real kick to it.

The album begins with the salsa turned roaring rock sound that is called Teorema. It has a melodic rock sound along that features a cosmic guitar solo and a magnificent bass line along with the vocals that resembles James LaBrie singing high above the mountains of the Grand Canyon with the band helping him out. Elsewhere, The Cube, has its metallic riffs and electronic futuristic scenery and more of the jazz fusion bass work that reminiscent of a symphonic version of Bruce Dickinson conducting Opeth as they teamed up to created a mesmerizing journey when they head back to earth and push the envelope more and go back into the Prog sound of Poetry in Motion.

There is a lot of time changes and textures on the debut album as heard on Real Lies which starts out with the moog sound very cosmic in the realms of Pantera, Opeth, and Hawkwind have teamed up as Space Cadets to search for a new land like they’ve have been bring the screaming and growling aspects of Phil Anselmo and Mikael Akerfeldt to help them out. There’s also a dooming element too, with a shattering guitar line that has a real twist while the drums sound like a machine gun and fighting to die for freedom in a blaze of glory. Meanwhile, there are hints of Rick Wakeman’s keyboard solo, Dimebag Darrell’s guitar work, and bassist Tony Levin working together creating a mythical sound on the 8-minute title track. It’s pure Entropia right there and there’s no excuse to say why this band are unbelievable and give you a kick in the gut big time.

Primarily, the ambient and majestic moody turned into a battlefield of Tolkien Metal in the realm of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Transitions with it’s soaring guitar work, soothing keyboard work, pumping drum work, and bass work as well, it really works like an epic score to a movie or video game that just has your ears saying “What the hell is this and how is this so fucking good?!” You can hear a bit of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest’s twin guitar sound homage, but it’s a real goody in the instrumental format, but it expresses very well.

The eerie and moody sound is back into the core with the haunting yet sadness childhood memories of Elements. You can tell that the singer has emotions through the pain as he sings like if he’s about to fight back tears with: “Whispering a lullaby, the girl now lies in the corner/She said the day she’d leave, I’d meet my father/True words, uttered, oh, and I became a mourner.” What he’s saying is when you leave home, meet your father, but now since he’s passed, he’s now mourning the loss of the father he barely got to meet and never got the chance to bury the hatchet.

It really hits home with some of the listeners on missing their family and hoping to reconcile, but finding out that one of your loved one is dead really hits you like a ton of bricks. At the end, the guitar solo is flourishing and weeping to the scenery of the lost one as it hits one of the highest frets to reach cry of pain and sorrow, it’s so good, yet tearful at the same time. This and The Sphere is a two-part mini rock opera in the realm of the Scenes from a Memory-Era. The song deals with now that Lillian and his father are gone, Sophie, her daughter is suffering through a mental breakdown as the growling vocals and the operatic high vocalization fit the scenery as he tries to help his new love be sane again.

The 11-minute closer, Epilogo, is the ultimate climax, a terrific finale that sets the tone on the main character’s daughter struggling to survive from her breakdown that ends in a finale that I can’t spoil for you. This is the kind of piece Entropia do best throughout the number with it’s reminiscing of the Dream Theater sound on Simetria, filled with an acoustic, power metal, and energetic flames that don’t burn out. This is their debut album and they are only getting the wagon rolling early right now and they hope the wheel doesn’t come loose and see where they might lead to.

Entropia are doing something different in their hometown in Bogota. They have a bit of Opeth, Early Metallica, and Dream Theater in their flesh and blood than doing Megadeth and there’s again the sound of James LaBrie, Phil Anselmo, King Diamond, and Bruce Dickinson on the vocals. They capture the spirit of Progressive Metal through a speeding in the realms like Pain of Salvation and Symphony X, while Entropia have in their hearts and minds, it’s amazing that it sounds fresh and brings the music genre rock sound strength to strength.

Simetria is the most excellent album that Entropia have brought to the table. They are geniuses and damn they are so good they are going to be the next Dream Theater and let me say, there is hope and the dreams will come true to them. - MUSIC FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM

"ENTROPIA Simetría"

After some listens to this album I took some time off from listening to it. Then for some reason, I don’t know why, I was tempted to give it another couple of spins about a month later; and here I am. At the first couple of listens I was like, okay this isn’t a bad release by a relatively new band. I was happy with it, since they put it out on the internet for free download, but overtime I became more than just satisfied with it, I really began to enjoy it, a lot.

One song that I would like to point out on this album is “Teorema”, which showcases every thing that I like about this album. For one, the opening riff in guitars and bass is absolutely top notch, and not to mention kind of catchy. From there it transfers into a more pronounced and technically difficult rhythm that adds a lot to the overall feel of the track. Then, throughout the song it goes back to the first riff that opened the song, but with a different twist to it. In some spots it’s in a different key, and in others the rhythm is changed a bit, but you can still tell it is that same riff. Gabriel Chaparro, keyboards, and Nicolas Aparicio, guitar, are just two musicians who I want to point out. Both are excellent in soloing and in carrying the melody of the album, and they really show their talent. One thing that I noticed was that when I heard a guitar solo, a keyboard solo or riff was soon to come. This style added a really cool touch to the album that made it predictable, but that is okay with me. Two songs that I would like to point out for this very case are “Teorema” and “The Cube”. Not only does “The Cube” have great musicianship it also features sounds, and riffs, that are very Dream Theater like in both sound and complexity.

Now some people might see that and automatically think that Entropia is a Dream Theater clone. Well, they’re not. They may have some songs, such as “The Cube” and “Poetry in Motion”, that have Dream Theater tones to them but they also integrate their own sound into it so it fits just fine. One way that they show their own style is in the vocals. Juan Manuel Gûiza is very talented vocally and I really like his style. Sometimes it reminds me of Road Salt One, modern-era Pain of Salvation mixed with a James Labrie type sound and other times it is just hard to explain, but I do like his tone, and quality of voice. One thing that I don’t like though is sometimes, such as in “Poetry in Motion”, Juan Manuel Gûiza seems to be pushing the words out in a hurry rather than taking his time. This allows for a somewhat muddy sound, and seems to speed up the tempo even though the band is playing at the same speed. This though, is the only thing that really caught my ear.

The production is pretty standard, but that being said, they did this all by themselves, which for me adds so much more to the album. The sound is crisp and clear, and absolutely perfect in every way; I never noticed a single hiccup throughout the whole album.

One of the best things that Entropia could have done, besides naming their band after a Pain of Salvation album :-), was put it up for free download. Since not many good bands, that I’ve heard, have come from Colombia, so most bands from there don’t get that much recognition. But now many people, prog and metal fans alike, can enjoy Entropia’s great sound. For a great release in “Simetría”, Entropia gets 4 stars. - METAL ARCHIVES

"Entropia: Simetría"

Free albums are usually a hit-and-miss concept for me, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this. While there is occasionally a diamond in the rough, many cases tend to point towards the fact that the product in question should've never been "released" in its current state. I'll always snatch up free albums when available, but I'm rarely blown away like I was by Entropia's debut full-length, Simetría. This is progressive metal in its truest sense, filled with excellent riffs, melodic vocals harmonies, keyboard/guitar duals, and the entire ordeal. This album doesn't try hard to be the most unique kid on the block, but the end result tends to prove Simetría as a one-of-a-kind release. To say I'm ecstatic about this band's future would be a tremendous understatement. Simetría is stellar stuff, folks. The fact that this gem was released as a free official download just shows the cruel and harsh reality of the modern music scene. Give these Colombian lads a shot - you won't be disappointed.

As previously mentioned, this is progressive metal in its purest, unadulterated form. Frequent reference points are Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation (Entropia/One Hour by the Concrete Lake-era), and Fates Warning. Fortunately, Entropia never comes across as a clone band, and throughout almost all of Simetría they show a very adventurous attitude. The band's compositional and technical capabilities are almost unprecedented by bands this young. Calling Entropia one of the best, if not THE best, act coming from Colombia right now isn't at all far from the truth. Songs like "Epilogo" and "Simetria" are prog metal masterpieces, and many of the other songs are awfully close in terms of quality. As if the compositional prowess isn't enough, the musicians in Entropia often border on virtuoso-status, which is quite surprising considering how youthful the band is. I especially have to applaud Juan Manuel Gûiza's vocals, which can handle falsettos like Ray Alder and breathtaking harmonies and delicacy like Daniel Gildenlöw. Virtually everything about this band hints towards "prog metal veteran" status, even though their existence has been for only 5 years. I sincerely hope that Entropia has a label and a dedicated fanbase backing them up for their next release - they really are that good.

The production, while still sounding good, could use some improvement. Although it gets the job done fairly well, a more professional production could've really enhanced the overall quality of the album.

Simetría is definitely a promising debut album if I've ever heard one. It'd be worth tracking down regardless of price tag, but considering that it's a free legal download, prog metal fans would be foolish to let this hidden gem slip through their fingers. 4 stars are well-deserved for this promising young act. With the talent and adventurous attitude that Entropia displays here, it's hard not to wonder what the future will hold for them. - SEA OF TRANQUILITY

"Entropia - "Simetría" (CD)"

The Internet has provided bands the affordability to promote themselves in ways that seemed impossible two decades ago. Bands from all parts of the world now have one central tool to get their music out to the masses. From the depth of Columbia comes Entropia, a young progressive metal band scratching their way through the muck of the underground. Their debut album, “Simetria,” is currently available on their MySpace page to download for free. That alone should get people interested enough to check it out, but even if it wasn’t free, there is enough quality songwriting to warrant a purchase for fans of the genre.

The band is clearly influenced by bands like Dream Theater and Symphony X, though with a notable melodic core. With the exception of a few tracks, most of their songs are punctual in structure and delivery. Any aimless guitar wanking or extended instrumental passages are kept to a minimum. These tracks aren’t complex or full of wacky time changes, making sure that there are boundaries to avoid devolving into clichés the progressive metal genre is infamous for.

The shorter tracks are far and beyond the weakest of the material on here. “Real Lies” is out-of-place with random growls, “The Sphere” is a filler track that doesn’t leave an impression, and “Teorema” is full of untapped potential. Adding to this are the screechy vocals, which get into these high-pitched fits that are more annoying than emotional. The first half of the album is a struggle to get through, with the muted guitars and loads of worthwhile ideas that don’t translate to anything particularly fascinating.

However, things start to pick up with the eight-minute title track. The band shows off technical chops, including a wicked bass solo 2/3 of the way through, and there is a surging energy that invigorates the band. The instrumental “Transitions” is a brilliant piece that doesn’t go down the predictable “endless solos on top of each other” path. Flamenco guitars, soothing keys, and a penance for restrained aggression make for a vivid display. Closer “Epilogo” is a little too long for its own good, but the upbeat pace saves the album from ending poorly after the lackluster “The Sphere.”

For an album that is self-produced, there is definitely a degree of professionalism behind the recording. With the exception of the rhythm guitar, everything else sounds full and thick. It’s not everyday that a self-released debut sounds this good, and the band deserves credit for not half-assing things on the production end. With a fuller sound and a little tinkering, this could be easily released to the masses with few complaints.

Like many first albums, “Simetria” is the sign of a band working out the kinks. The vocals and songwriting have to be tightened up, but “Simetria” is a strong first impression. The fact that this is a free release makes for an easy recommendation; those that don’t like it won’t lose a thing and progressive metal fans might find a few tracks that they enjoy enough to keep around. Either way, Entropia stands to gain at least some leeway with not only gaining a fan base, but making themselves known in a cyber world full of dreamers and up-and-comers with similar goals.

Highs: Title track and "Epilogo" are great epics, strong instrumental work, great production considering it was self-produced

Lows: Vocals are cringe-worthy at times, the first half of the album is nothing special

Bottom line: A strong step in the right direction for the progressive metal band, plus the album being a free download is a bonus incentive. - METAL UNDERGROUND


"...of Human Introspection" (2006) DEMO/EP


EVOLVE (2012) EP




Entropia was founded on October 2005 by Leonel Rojas (Drums), Juan Carlos Sanchez (Bass Gtr) and Nicolas Aparicio (Guitars); we knew each other studying Music in Universidad Javeriana in Bogota - Colombia but the project started when Nicolas and Leonel changed to Universidad El Bosque wich will be the 2nd home to Entropia, being followed by Juan Carlos and Juan Manuel in 2008.

The three of us made all the music and arreangements then in came in Jorge Arango (keyboards) in 2006 and lately that year Juan Manuel Güiza (Vocals). In June 2006 Entropia enters the STUDIO at STUDI-ON (Bogota) to record the First Demo Entitled "...of human introspection" under the supervision of Sebastian Romero to start moving around and get some fan base.

Between 2006 y 2007 Entropia played in different Bars, Schools, festivals But it was until 2008 that the bands name start being recognized because of the 1st visit of IRON MAIDEN to Colombia, the band enter to the contest to be the Opening Act for them compiting with other 7 bands, being Entropia the youngest Band on the contest ENDED being one of the favorites leaving us on 2nd place by Half a point from the winner.

Even we didnt win the contest we had the opprtunity to record a song in a Tribute Album for IRON MAIDEN named "THE GOLDEN BEAST". After this event Entropia's "Fame" grew a lot more and in the same year (2008) we were chosen to play at the biggest and more important Free - Festival in Latin America, FESTIVAL ROCK AL PARQUE, in that presentation we presented the music you can hear on our LP "SIMETRIA" that was launched at 2010.

We began Simetria's recording sessions at AUDIO FACTORY under the supervision of Diego Moreno (Sound Engineer/Mix) and David Cely (Mix) in December 2007 but the album had a lot of problems we had to let go Jorge Arango for personal matters so that made a delay on the release and we had to record again all the Keyboards.

After Arango left the band we search for the perfect Keyboard player that fits the most to the band style and we found it in Gabriel Chaparro, our actual keyboard player.
Gabriel entered the band and immediately started the recording that appears on the Album.

After all the struggle to have the release of the Album we had to deal with another breakout from another member of the band, Juan Manuel (Vocals) was making his way out the band so he can be 100% on his Solo career and his departure caught us by surprise.

The band is still searching for the right Vocalist but fortunately we've made a good reputation and a lot of people wants to work with us and the help is out there.
After we made SIMETRIA's release via Media fire by giving it away for free we have been reached by a lot of magazines and people that has made us Reviews of the album.

Countries like ITALY, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA, U.S, FINLAND, BRAZIL, ARGENTINA and many more listened the album and they have been giving us their support 100%.

In 2012 Entropia released the Ep "EVOLVE" that contains 5 new songs with two Video Clips, giving the audience an fan base of the band something NEW and AWESOME, one of the band finest creation and music 

In 2014 they released their letest work "TRANSFORM", for some people is considered the 2nd part of Evolve. This Ep has 6 tracks and helped the band to approach different Genres and fans around the globe.

2015 was a important year, they celebrate their first decade in the Biggest Free Festival in Latin America ROCK AL PARQUE. That same year, Nicolas Aparicio, the original guitar player of ENTROPIA left the band to reach new opportunities of job and better life in Australia.

In 2016 the band starts composing the songs with William Castro, that enters the band, filling the space of Nicolas Aparicio as Lead Guitar and to commemorate this new LineUp, ENTROPIA has planned a small tour in Bogotà, to show and present their new member and new songs.

Band Members