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"Soundtrack, "The Corpse Wore White""

The backing music and sound design for Corpse is the work of Danny and Deryn Cullen, a talented Leeds couple who run Striking Media Music and also perform as an acoustic duo called Striking Poses. Appropriately enough, Danny and Deryn married while they were working on the audio for The Corpse Wore White. They may have been planning it for some time but I like to think it was the film's soppy ending that did the trick. - Mica Films

"Empty Highways Review - Ronnie Doyle, film composer"

Ok, so it's 1am in the morning...after one of the MOST HECTIC days of scoring ever I don't think anything can help me unwind and relax...at least not enough to sleep. I sit at the computer screen; eyes stinging with tiredness and decide to browse a few sites, what the hell I'm not going to sleep for at least another hour anyway...and thank God I didn't....

It was while I was dosily surfing the Web that I came across a little album by an artist calling themselves 'Cellofiend' - interesting name, I thought. I linked up with some preview tracks made available to listen to and felt every hair on my neck stand rigid...

'Empty Highways' was this little album - but there was nothing little about it's blend of fluidity, intensity and yet subtlety. Track 2 on the album, '4AM', is a classic example of this - you feel every note hitting your muscles hard, almost going through you, such is the power of the instrument. Deryn Cullen, who performs all string pieces on the album, tells a story like no other in a way that just leaves you sitting there aghast, a pure assault on the senses.

Likewise, Dan Cullen, who performs vocals on the album, evokes an almost folk-like aspect with his tracks, a great and interesting contrast to the ethereal ambience of Deryn's pieces. The result is a well-grounded and balanced album - rich, sublime yet amazingly powerful. I don't think I'll ever sleep again..... - iTunes


"The vocalist has superb tone and expression. I liked the dark, unexpected harmonic shifts and the production was very slick and well thought out. Wierdly compelling, slightly disturbed, and undoubtedly interesting."
- Garageband


Reflections on Time (2007, Striking Media Music)

Empty Highways (2007, Striking Media Music)
COMPILATION: 3 instrumental tracks on acoustic/ classical album, Nachtvorstellung (2007, Camakarma)

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EntropiK is a composition-based duo with a passion for creating ethereal and cinematic soundscapes, drawing influences from classical, electronica, progressive and film music. Using the vast pallet of sounds and textures available from electronic formats, transforming the conventional sounds of guitar through cutting edge midi technology, the gentle burbling of fretless bass and the dark, soulful voice of the cello, EntropiK takes the listener on an exotic journey where the destination matters far less than the sights and sounds on the way.

The people behind the music are composers Dan and Deryn Cullen. Dan’s background is in songwriting and producing, and has a passion for old school prog rock, Mahler and West Side Story. His instruments include guitar, bass and vocals. Deryn trained as a classical cellist and pianist, and is particularly fond of Beethoven, Fiddler on the Roof and AC/DC. Both are fond of wombats and wolves, and are partial to a rump steak with peppercorn sauce.