Entropy Ensemble

Entropy Ensemble

 Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Entropy Ensemble is a unique instrumental group comprised of piano, violin, cello, bass and drums that presents projects that blur the lines between musical styles and genres. EE is currently touring their Radiohead Project, an exploration of the band's cutting edge music in instrumental format.


Whether it be an original piece or an loose instrumental arrangement of popular music, Entropy Ensemble's main goal is to perform "good music". From classical to jazz, to rock and popular music, each member of the group comes from a diverse musical training and background, bringing something different to the table. The group is also involved in a number of on going collaborations with artists from

Entropy Ensemble evolved out of the success of a few experimental concerts put on by Andrew Walker while studying music at the College of Charleston. In 2007 Walker produced “Musical Reworkings of Radiohead,” 07' and "Fitter Happier"08'. Both productions featured instrumental performances of the music of Radiohead for various instrumental ensembles.

Walker formed... Entropy Ensemble in July 09' and created the "Radiohead Project" with 4 fellow College of Charleston music alum including: Lonnie Root (cello), Stuart White (drums and percussion), Bell Wells (Bass) and Jaiver Orman (Violin).

In Fall of 09' the group recorded their first EP titled "Between the Lines" which features 3 instrumental performances of Radiohead. In Spring of 2010 EE toured the East Coast with artists Skylar Grey and Duncan Sheik.

In November of 2010, Ensemble Ensemble presented a multi-media performance featuring a collaboration between, Entropy Ensemble, Annex Dance Company and world renowned pianist,Christopher O'Riley at the Sottile Theater in Charleston SC.

Most recently, Entropy Ensemble headlined at "JAIL BREAK" and "JAIL BREAK 2", an all encompassing arts festival held at the Old City Jail in downtown Charleston, in May and November of 2011. The group plans to continue touring and recording new music throughout 2012.

For more information on what Entropy Ensemble is up to visit: WWW.ENTROPYENSEMBLE.COM


EP "Between the Lines": Instrumental arrangements of Radiohead including: There There( Hail to the Thief) , Idioteque ( Kid A) and Reckoner ( In Rainbows).

Set List

"Radiohead Project"

Subterranean Homesick Alien
Lotus Flower
Exit Music
There There
Weird Fishes
Sail to the Moon
Motion Picture Soundtrack
All I Need
Everything In It's Right Place
Kid A
Paranoid Android