Close your eyes and think somewhere between Goo Goo Dolls and Matchbox 20 and you will be close to Entrust's style of music. Solid vocals with heartfelt lyrics backed up with strong guitar and harmonies.


Entrust was given life by DUSTIN BECKER & CHRIS FLORES out of a chance meeting at one of Dustin's solo acoustic shows. Soon after deciding to start a project together, they asked Chris's brother EDDIE FLORES, to join them as bass guitarist. While the band was successfully playing small clubs around the Tyler, Tx area, they stumbled upon DELANO CRUZ, who is now Entrust's lead guitarist. At the time, Delano was playing blues with another band, but fortunately found a home with Entrust. The strong vocals of Dustin and the soulful blues background of Delano, along with Chris and Eddie on harmonies, was a solid match. Excited about the new creation, Dustin and Chris buckled down and started writing original music for the band. They have put together a strong, mainstream, set of original music. As the band practiced their new material, the gigs got bigger and better. Now under the management of Wake Management (Wayne Neil, Agent), they have been able to hit the studio and cut their current CD, BOTH FEET IN. Having management in place has also brought more exposure for the band. They recently shared the stage with BOWLING FOR SOUP at Live 105.3's 5th Year Anniversary Party, and have enjoyed substantial airplay on local Dallas/Ft. radio stations. Other highlights include performing at the American Airlines Center in Dallas for the DALLAS STARS and performing with many well-known acts. The latest addition to the band is their drummer, JEFF FREEMAN. Originally from Tyler as well, Jeff most recently was performing with Jason Boland and Los Lonely Boys. With Jeff now secure in the band, the lads are now complete and ready for their 2006 road tour. The name , ENTRUST, means to "confer a trust upon". For the band, it means they are a team and rely, or entrust, each other to do their best to make them all successful......


2005 Both Feet In. Radio play on Jack FM and Live 105.3 in Dallas Texas

Set List

Original music is a 90 minute show. Covers with originals we can do 3 one hour sets. from tom petty to voodoo child. From dave mathews to Flickerstick or Rage. From B B King to Hootie & The blow fish.