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enuff sed


Alternative Rock like it should be. Explosive on stage, vocally strong, and heavily guitar driven. A must see live!


Emerging from Montebello, Ca, Enuff Sed has collaborated together to create music they believe in and enjoy. With a fiery live performance, they are a crowd pleaser for all ages. Vocally strong, they put the rock back into music. Enuff Sed works hard and is driven to make it to the top. They represent their community and Mexican heritage while up on stage. Fans compare Enuff Sed to Story of the Year, Three Days Grace, and Incubus, but we'll let you be judge.
Enuff Sed was featured on LATV's show Backstage in June 2004. Do not miss upcoming shows all throughout California this summer.
Stay tuned for more...Enuff Sed!


Breaking Away

Written By: Danny Pintado

And I see in the midst of everything
Your stunning silence never surprises me
And I think just how long
I spent so many nights thinking I was wrong

And I screamed in silence
Arguments are needed now
And I reflect on the past
And what I've seen

And the fear of being so alone
Pulls me from who I am
But I am me I need to be set free
The guidance is what I know

I'm breaking from your skin
I can't believe in you no more
I'm breaking from your skin
I can't follow you

The 20th Step to Hope

Written By: Danny Pintado

Time holds no chance on who we are
Prolonging the agony we pushed so far
Conservation of hearts and tears
On I look to face my worst fear

Can't you see that I want to be
Everything that you need me to be

The grasp of reality runs through me
The cosmic horizon we thought so far
It's picture perfect with no words to say
I'll cut myself just to get through today

And all I see is all the memories
Well let it all go and then you will believe

Staring at the time
On the watch you gave me
It still points to the same time
Our last kiss goodbye

Someone told me there's life beyond you well I don't want to believe that now
I'll just sit and wait for you to come back
Unfortunately you can't be my Queen you've taken enough and you can't take no more
Although I'm alone I'll still be with you….

Fist so tight smashing through the mirror
The faded pictures of you fall through
Can't you hear it screaming inside
For all of it to come down to you

Taking eight steps back to reflect on the mess I have caused
Hoping against hope that one day you'll be coming home
You know I'd end my life just to be the air that you breath
Initials K.R. engraved into my heart


Screaming in Silence 2002 EP
Days of Struggle and Eye Witness - singles release 2003

Set List

Usually do an average of 30-45 minute sets.
Eye Witness
Breaking Away
Days of Struggle
Broken Trust
The 20th Step to Hope