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The best kept secret in music



Right off the bat, great lyrics, filled with hope and anger at things as they are.

Interesting structural ideas. I love the abrupt shif from heavy intro guitars to the clean verse at :33. It was a nice surprise. It really adds to the dynamics to have these contrasting sounds. I also love the noodling 16th note bass parts in the secon verse at 1:42.

The Chorus is great. I really relate to the desire for a change, and the guitars add a neat little melodic embelishment under the heavy undercurrent.

Also great guitar overdub in the higher arpegios played at 2:09 the bass plays off into nicely, its a subtle shift in dyanmics and underscores your good musicianship.

The backing vocal at 3:00 is a cool effect the way it melodically creeps up and slips into a unison shorthly thereafter with the lead voice.

My only complaint would be that the vocals go slightly flagt at times. I'd double almost all of the vocal tracks and pan them hard with a bit of a delay between them to widen the lead out a bit. It may just be a trick of the mp3 though.

Flawless gentleman, may you write many more good tracks.

Review on "Smoke and Ashes Remain" - StoopidCooper


INTRO IS A KILLER ATTACK FROM THE WORD GO. EXTRA CREDIT GUITARIST AND DRUMMER. A LOT of lyrics and some good thinking on the Vocalist or Song writer's part. Performance is enhanced by the dynamic arrangement.
Bass is featuring more as the song goes on


Wow, a heavy track that makes you smile. Theres so little of this out there. Thanks for this track!

The intro is awesome it reminds me of the rythym bed for the song "I like Candy" which would normally be lame but you totally pull it off and go in creative directions with it.

I was really struck by the poignant and intelligent lyrics, the sing is emotive and powerful, sometimes a bit of pitch correction is needed, but thats all part of the style isnt it? Keep reaching, reminds in a good way of the searching done by mars volta/at the drive in. If you haven't already heard them I think you'd love HUM, and the band Apex theory, which remind me of your guitars and rythym section, and also lyrically similar to your group.

The backing vocals sound as if they are overdubs of the male lead, just a guess. There on in the same off sort of way. Other than tightening the pitch slightly (but not to perfection that would might ruin the effect) vocals are great.

The guitars drums and bass are all competant and have a loose jumbling vibe thats more zepplin loose rather than untrained loose. Dont change a thing.

The verses are sweet, I love the way the band drops out and its just drum and voice answered by guitars and bass... good stuff!

at 2:00 minutes in a pseudo or mini bridge gives the bass a bit of a solo which is a nice touch.

Also nice 3:10 fade out with the rythym guitar.

Cant wait to hear what else you've done. - StoopidCooper

"The Commercial Dispatch"

Enursha's memebers realize they are a very young band, just getting started. But they have pursued the formation of the band with dedication, and singlemindedness - Vicky Newman

"The Commercial Dispatch"

A local band has been making waves. With more than 600 compact disks sold and back-to-back gigs from Alabama to New Orleans, members of this band have their hands full.
And they also have to finish high school.
Meet Enursha.
Chris Hurt belts our rich, powerful vocals; while Chase McGill and Wes Hill bring in the fast and steady guitar riffs that have kept hard rock a powerful and enduring art form since its humble beginnings. Dustin Hedrick on bass and Barrett Alexander on drums create a distinctly skillful rhythm foundation.
But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
“We’ve grown a lot as a band since [our last release],” asserted Hurt. “Our new stuff is more mature. We’ve evolved into the band that we wanted to be back then.”
Experimenting with some jazz influences, alternate tunings, and different chord structures, the band has developed a more complex sound that they feel is their very own.
It’s no surprise, with influences ranging from Zeppelin…to Finger 11. Enursha is a unique crowd pleaser. And they will be pleasing throngs of locals and tourists alike at this year’s Market Street Festival.
- Angela Hoffman

"The Commercial Dispatch"

A local favorite, Enursha, competed in the “2003 Last Band Standing” battle of the bands on Oct. 10 at the Gravel Pitt…Each band performed a set of four to five songs. They were rated by three judges on crowd response, originality, stage presence and number of votes. Enursha earned 9.64 points out of a total of 10 points to win the battle.

Enursha was also awarded a monetary prize for winning the battle. The most meaningful aspect of the battle for them, however, was the great support of local fans.
- Unknown Staff Writer


intro sets a great mood, and kicks in really nicely. i like it. your singer is great as well, your doing everything right!
-Review on Take my Essence
- duffy878 from Cromwell, Connecticut


Cool Sounds
Coming from those drums. Really liked the mix and use of effects here. This song sounded very very professional and really impressed me from the very first bass drum hit. Great freaking job guys. This song kicks some major ass - dylan778 from Montvale, New Jersey


ive been waitin 4 this.
finally, an original band, amazing vocals, reminds me of dark horses and one way bus transfers on a cool but yet exceptionally warm sunrise to sunset. The Lead Guitar Player is amazing, I think the ability and skill showed here by the band is very good, and very original. I love tool. - eth0 from Orlando, Florida


cool tune
nice voice guitars kick the song is really good good luck in the future

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, Sequencer/Effects Programming, Lyrics, Melody, Beat, Mood

Specail Award: Cooles Chill-Out Track

-Reveiw on 32 - bob9361 from Smithfield, North Carolina


(2006) 3 Song Demo

(2004) Enursha EP: All tracks have received airplay on 99.9 The Fox (Columbus, MS), 91.1 WMSV (Starkville, MS), Rock 93.9 (Jackson, MS), and 90.7 (Tuscaloosa, AL).

(2002) Elements: Tracks have received airplay on 91.1 WMSV in Starkville, MS.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Currently at a loss for words...