Environmental Encroachment

Environmental Encroachment


Punk performance art world rhythm marching band that uses circus theatrics, costumes and the occasional prop to create a unique performance environment.


Say you find yourself at a gallery opening or a club on any given evening. All of a sudden, the air around you starts to change -- imperceptibly at first, but then the undeniable energy of brass, bass guitar and drums encroaches upon your senses and fills you with a sensation of unbridled excitement and whimsy. About a dozen bunny-eared marchers soon appear before your eyes, dancing about in a chaotic whirlwind to a primal Moroccan rhythm. You are caught up in this unique environment where the only thing that makes sense is to surrender to the urge to shake your booty. A swarthy trumpeter begins to scat South Asian-style, like a Bollywood Louis Armstrong. One of the drummers has stationed himself to play the retro-futuristic electronic instrument known as a Theremin. Giant hula hoops are then produced, and before you know it you see trombonists and a sax player hooping and playing simultaneously. You yourself take a turn at hooping -- whether you're good at it or not becomes irrelevant. You're having the time of your life.

You have just encountered Environmental Encroachment, a.k.a. the EE Marching Band.

ENVIRONMENTAL ENCROACHMENT is a Chicago-based performance-art marching band known for its use of spectacle, costumes and circus arts to create unique and memorable entertainment environments and experiences.
Often simply called “E-E”, the name “Environmental Encroachment” comes from the band’s respect for the planet and love of spontaneity. The name also describes the group’s mission to “encroach” on existing “environments” to embrace, engage, and uplift the community.

Musically, EE is a fusion of cross-cultural influences. Their music blends recognizable jazz pieces (like Caravan and Haitian Fight Song), Blues, Rock, Funk, along with traditional Moroccan melodies and Afro-Caribbean trance rhythms. EE balances presentation with musicianship, engaging the
audience with stage antics, props, theme costumes, and parades. EE’s upbeat and unique style delights all ages, reaching across any language barriers—in fact, two of EE’s members have performed in China in 2006.

Flexible and diverse, EE is the perfect entertainment group to fulfill a variety of needs. EE can adjust in size to fit any venue, from a four-piece Latin Combo in an intimate setting, to a full stage show which adds to its parade line-up an electric bass, larger percussion instruments like congas, and the theremin, a unique and bizarrely pleasing electronic instrument whose sound and theatrical nature of playing always inspires awe.

A Chicago institution, Environmental Encroachment has established itself through its rich ten-plus-year history and over 300 performances ranging from intimate shows in small spaces, to stage shows and parades to audiences over 50,000. Shows range from the John Cage’s MusiCircus and the Rotary Centennial Celebration, to the Peace and Happiness Parade, Burning Man, Lollapalooza, and NASCAR races, to the exotic and absurd Chiditarod winter shopping cart race. Friends of Chicago’s performance community, EE has performed many benefits for theaters, schools, and charities at such institutions as the Field Museum, Museum of Science and Industry, and Millennium Park. Because the band is an irresistible party, EE has been a favorite for Mardi Gras, Cinco de Mayo, Dia de los Muertos, and Carnivale events in parks, for parades, and on stage.

Because of its truly American and Chicagoan spirit of fusing and creating the new, Environmental Encroachment would be the perfect multi-purpose American musical performance ambassador. Fun, zany and unique, EE’s love of performance and ability to adapt make them the ideal band for almost any venue or event.


EE Long Division 1 e.p.

Set List

Gnowie (Moroccan qarqaba-driven rhythm)
Hashia (Moroccan drum-driven rhythm)
Bomba (Afro-Caribbean dance)
Zoom Golly (funked-up Israeli folk song)
Moby Dick (Led Zeppelin cover taken round the world)
Shabbi (Moroccan drum-driven chant to summon a genie)
Taderra (Moroccan drum-driven, sax-fueled trance number)
Haitian Fight Song (Charles Mingus cover with real Haitian rhythm added)
Rock Anthem (glam-rock brass blowout)
Nat'l Anthrax (Radiohead variation)
St. James Infirmary (trad. N'Awlins flava)
Asylum (Jimmy Vonesh-penned ska-flavored insanity)
Pyramid (Jimmy Vonesh-penned Saharan fantasia)
Caravan (Ellington variation)
TNT (AC/DC cover -- proof that brass *is* f'n METAL!)

Our sets go anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.