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Brighter Than the Sun LP (to be released exclusively via website and Myspace)



Genre: Anthem Rock/ Alternative Rock
Origin: Singapore
Myspace Site: www.myspace.com/enxband
Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/enxtheband
Band Members: Alvin Ng - Lead Vocals, Keyboards/Synth
Benjamin Oliver Oh - Guitars, Backup Vocals,
Samuel Teo - Bass, Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, Back Up Vocals
Vanessa Tay - Keyboards, Synths, Effects
Gerald Wu - Drums, Percussion, Synths

EN-X is five lives manifested in song - A celebration of life and its multiple faces through the emphatic and soulful voice of Alvin (lead vocalist) and the unique musical harmony of the rest of the band, blending anthem style rock with lush electronic soundscapes, to form an epic wall of sound that has the searing intensity reminiscent of great modern rock acts such as U2, Muse and Linkin Park, to name a few.

The evolution of EN-X began with Alvin (vocalist), whom in late 2007, felt a distinct need and calling to write heartfelt music (as a result of a late night chat and months of pondering on his purpose in life prior to that) that could reach deep down inside and touch the soul; songs that addressed issues of the heart; songs about faith, hope, love, freedom and revolution.

Armed with nothing but a small sum of money he had put aside for rainy days and dogged determination to walk down this new path he was inspired to choose, he proceeded to work Joel and J Xie from Nanostudios in Singapore, producing and arranging one of the songs that was the result of the first batch of songs he had written, titled 'Falling'. Armed with his solo recording, he went out in search for musicians to pursue this new direction in music with.

Eventually, after several line-up changes (due to lack of commitment and differences in musical direction) , he came together with the current formation of musicians - Ben, a jolly, headstrong guitarist armed with an assortment of vintage guitars, obscure effects pedals, and a wicked sense of tone and Vanessa, a brash young girl with a no-holds-bar attitude, a weakness for all things shiny and a Korg keyboard, to form the initial trio that would be the core of EN-X. Following that, two new members, Samuel (Bass), a gentle and quirky personality boasting a knack for multiple instruments and Gerald (Drums), a friendly giant of a man complete with an amazing sense of groove and a charming demeanor, formed the rhythm section after playing together with EN-X on several successful outings, most notably for Starry Night ( a bi-annual concert event held at the Singapore Management University which Alvin, Samuel and Gerald are a part of) in 2009.

Since its incision into the local music scene, EN-X has grown from strength to strength. They have sent in demo recordings for the NOISE Singapore Festival (created by the Singapore National Arts Council to promote arts amongst youth culture), in which they managed to win 2nd prize for the online voting competition for the song Falling in 2007. They were also apprenticed under renowned Singaporean Producer Don Richmond during the Apprenticeship Programme under Noise Singapore in 2008. They proceeded to perform a series of shows in conjunction with Nokia's School Invasion Tour and Noise Singapore, playing for events organized by the Singapore National Arts Council in various locations around the country, most notably at The Esplanade. They were also selected to play alongside top local acts such as Electrico during the pre-National Day event (2009) at West Coast Park which saw thousands of people flocking to the event. In recent times, A full length, independent release was completed (titled Brighter Than The Sun, for exclusive release via their upcoming website and soon-to-be revamped myspace site); a collaboration with Nanostudios and Steam! Productions with Alvin at the helm as co-producer. They are set to expand their musical horizons beyond their home country and are intent on conquering the international airwaves, one station at a time.