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Between The Lines

Written By: Jordan Schwabe

Let's just forget about what we know, between the lines of the faces you show. I can't believe that I let you in. I'll let you know that you'll never ever win. Keep yourself in check.

You'll never get your way, you know that we've been saved. All that you do is betray. Between the lines.

Time for us to just let it go. Within the minds of the faces you know. Enjoy your life and enjoy your sin. You fuck things up always time and time again.

Keep On Going

Written By: Jordan Schwabe

I wonder if you feel like you're alone. I wonder if you're feeling broken. I've given up everything that I own, slips slowly into the winter. Wish solely to keep your future strong, left only with 7 splinters. I wonder if you feel like you're alone, you know that i'm feeling broken.

I need to know if you love me too, even if it's just a little bit. I need to know if you love me to keep on going.

I'll never get used to you being gone. i'll send you your 18 roses. I'll trust you and go with intuition. It's not like you'll leave forever. I'll be here for you when you return, so run and just keep on going. I just need to ask you this to be sure, do you love me?

Stay The Same

Written By: Jordan Schwabe

A change in me could mean a change in you. I never thought this dream would be so true. Some believe that love will never last. As for, I still live in the past.

More ways to make it seem so far, beats my ace-high. I know you think that we'll go far, just as long as we can learn to stay the same.

Patiently, i'll wait to take my turn. Aiming to make your stomach churn. Some believe that love is in the past. As for me, I think we'll make it last.

I'm woken up mid-dream. And less is all it seems. Take my open palm. We'll walk away just one.


Payback (2003)
Deconstructing You (2006)
*Keep On Going
*Stay The Same
*Between The Lines

Set List

All songs off of "Deconstructing You"
Select songs off of "Payback"

Covers include:
Stone Temple Pilots
Alice in Chains
Puddle of Mudd
The Beatles
Alter Bridge

Sets are typically 30-45 minutes.